Saturday, October 6, 2012

This and That

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! I have been busy baking all day today so far. I have two gluten free/dairy free apple pies, two gluten free/dairy free pumpkin pies and Cranberry sauce all done!
We are having our dinner tomorrow night, boy do I love this time of year! Cooler weather, beautiful colors, yummy flavours, amazing scents and the overwhelming beauty of Autumn and all her splendor.

In the next few weeks here I plan on getting my rear in gear at the sewing machine, so many things to do and get going on. Pilllow cases, Christmas presents (can't say what on here since people who will be getting some read on here!!lol). Also, in the works are the million and one crafts I am going to try and tackle as First on the sewing front though, is skirts for myself and Breanna. I really would like some warm wool skirts (since I don't have a wee one in diapers anymore, I can upcycle old wool sweaters for other projects) and Breanna LOVES and I mean LOVES skirts, so I thought I would make her a bunch of simple elastic waist skirts. Oh and I also need to get my window valance made too! I came across some mexican themed cloth napkins at a thrift shop and I thought they would make a perfect window valance. I love the deep reds and earthy colors they have.

26 sleeps until we begin to decorate for Christmas/Yule!! And 19 sleeps until Breanna's 4th Birthday...yes, FOURTH birthday. I know, I feel the same way. How does that happen so quickly?

Um, what else?!?!? Nothing yet from hunting trips. My freezer is Oh well, I am sure the perfect animal will show itself to Bill and Robert for us to feed our bellies with.

Oh, we went and did Autumn pics last weekend. They turned out perfect, now I just have to go through and pick the best ones for our wall motif. I will post some up here after I am all done.

Oh, aaaaaand!!! I am so freakin' excited!!! There was a contest over at *Boho Girl* the other week, and I WON!!! Oh-my-gosh, I am still so crazy stoked over won a $50 credit over at Boho Chic Etsy Shoppe! Let me tell you, I could've easily spent a small fortune over there and I will be back because there are so many gorgeous, original, splendid, incredible, magical trinkets there!! For now, I chose the Boho Girl Necklace and I will be saving up for This and this and this.... like I said, I could easily spend a small fortune. Funny enough, I have never considered myself a 'Jewelry' type person, but when I know someone has put their love and energy into something and it's original...I don't know, it changes my view! :)

Here's some random pics of recent:

This is what I inscribed on the floor before we put down the new laminate floor

Chaos while doing the floor

Snowflakes dancing on my Borage the other day

Our new fridge and new floor!