Friday, April 22, 2005

Prayer Request...PLEASE!!

My, what a day!

Had a doctors appointment today for Kayla. My poor baby girl needs to go for two different types of tests to find out why she keeps getting UTI's. She is on, yet again, antibiotics because she has ANOTHER UTI.

Her first test is on Wednesday the 27th. This is just an ultrasound of her kidneys/bladder. I'm worried because she is not going to like this and she'll probably be very upset. Not to mention she is required to drink 2 500ml cups of water and hold her pee until after the exam. How do you get a 2.5yo to NOT pee???

The next is a test where they will insert a catheter into her urethra and inject an iodine solution into her bladder. They then take numerous xrays while this solution is in her. The while she pees it out, they will take more xrays. I'm SO worried about this one. I know how uncomfortable a catheter is, and to have to lie on a table naked while strangers watch you pee......poor baby girl. I know they do these sorts of tests all the time, but it's my baby girl!! I'm worried too, because her little ovaries will be directly exposed to the radiation, there is no way they can cover them with the lead drape. I'm praying for God to protect her and to heal whatever is going on inside her tiny body. Please pray for her. This test is scheduled for May the 6th.

Sorry, I haven't been here much or visiting blogs lately. So much going on.

My goal is for Sunday night...I want to make a nice mug of tea and curl up in front of the 'puter and catch up on all my dear sisters blogs.
Please know, that even though I may not read every day, I always ask God to watch over each and every one of you!!!

This weekend I will be catching up on laundry and hopefully get some garden work done!!

See you all on Sunday night and may God bless each of you!!
Love always,
~Penny :)


Candy said...

PS I had this problem, and had it corrected via surgery, when I was 11.

Candy said...

If she is getting re-occurant infections, it may be a congenital defect with her Uretor tube. This is the tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder.

If this is what she has,then she has urine backing up, back into the tube, and damaging her kidney, and cause UTI's.

If this is the case, it's likely the right uretor and kidney that are affected.

You both are in my prayers. She'll be fine. :-)