Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bear with me,

I am in the process of changing things around in here, explains the missing pics and graphics.

Also, little nervous about tomorrow. I had a little preview with how Kayla will react, as the kids had dentist appointments on Monday. Kayla freaked out, big time. She screamed and flipped...poor Bill could hear her in the waiting room, and that's being behind a thick solid door and walls!! YIKES! At least this ultrasound place is specially designed for children, so hopefully it'll be alright......It's next Friday that has me in a worry!!

Both Mariah and Kayla have a mild illness right now, Kayla has 'slapped cheek" or Fifths Disease as some may know it and Mariah has Roseola or 'baby measles' as some may know that. Praise the Lord these are both easy illnesses that don't cause to much grief. Just annoying!!LOL

Well, don't have time to write much else, gotta get going to make Bill's 'dinner' to take with him to work!!

maybe I can sneak back on tonight and fill you in about me! No, I'm not pregnant!!!!LOLOLOLOL, just thought I would add that on, so as not to terrify or excite anyone!!

Have a good afternoon/evening/day!!
BTW, if anyone wants to add me to their MSN messenger, I'm at pennyandbill@shaw.ca
and my name there is, you guessed it, mama25blessings!! Although I do change it every little bit!!LOL I'm not on THAT much, but once in awhile!


Sylvia said...

Hi Penny, I am praying !!! Please take care and keep in touch!

J-Lynn said...

Hi there. I followed someones blogroll and found your site. We recently found out we're expecting baby #5 (and yes some were terrified and some were excited - lol). I'm finding it inspiring to find other families as large as mine. :-)

I hope to visit more often! I'm going to catch up on what's wrong with your little one but I will pray.