Sunday, May 1, 2005


Finally I got it altogether on here, all decked out for Mother's Day!!

Now for an update!

Kayla's appointment went well, as well as to be expected. We won't know anything about it until the results are sent into the doctors.
All we can do is pray. Her next appointment is this Friday.

This month is a very hectic month for us.

This week we have not only Kayla's VCU appointment, I also have to get some blood work done tomorrow and then I have an appointment on Thursday morning to get the results. We don't know what is wrong with me.
I've been in terrible pain these past few weeks. All over, body type pain. If you've read my blog for awhile, you'll know that I was loosely diagnosed with fatigue causing Fibromyalgia-like symptoms back in November of '02. I went through a phase of a remission type thing when we first moved in here, but now it's returned with a vengeance. It's the worst in my knees and my wrists, and my legs. My wrists have something called (I'm attempting the spelling here, I'm sure it's not correct, but you'll get the idea) DeQuirviens Tenolovitis, which I've had since September of '03.
So, anyways, when we were at the doctors for Kayla's appointment on the 26th, I told my doctor about the pain and this weird sensation I have been getting in my legs while I'm sitting or trying to go to sleep at night. It's the most annoying thing, it feels like they HAVE to stretch and move. It's uncontrollable. Then it's like there's a million little creepy crawlies under my skin all moving at once. She said it sounds like Restless Legs Syndrome. Thank the Lord she knew what I was talking about and that I wasn't losing my mind! She told me to keep up with taking Advil for the pain and prescribed some medicine for the RLS. Well, the weekend was terrible, and the meds she prescribed did nothing and I can't take any pain medication with them, so it was a nightmare. Tuesday morning I phoned hoping to get an appointment so I could get something for the pain, they had nothing. Wednesday was Kayla's ultrasound and that night I could barely walk the pain was so bad. I pretty much did nothing Thursday, except walk the kids to school, and that night it was the same thing. How am I supposed to be a mama, if I can barely walk down the stairs??

Friday morning I phoned and demanded to see my doctor. Amazingly, they had a spot available for 3:20 that afternoon!!!! I broke down in the office and told her I couldn't take it anymore, the pain is so excruciating. It's totally stripped me of my daily life. So, she's ordered blood tests to start with. I think she'[s leaning towards the possibility of Rheumatoid Athritis So we'll see what comes of the tests. It would be nice to know what the deal is, so we can treat it properly. Of course, there's a list of other things that can be wrong, and Fibromyalgia is one of them. So, that brings us up to now!! As for now, the doctor at least FINALLY gave me some pain medication...ahhhhhhh, I feel so much better. I actually managed to clean my basement and I will do some more tonight upstairs as well. Alex has been doing a super job with the laundry, and Alyssa and Robbie have done awesome with the folding and sort of putting them away for everyone.

Friday night was grocery shopping. I went with Auntie Shellie, it was so nice being out with her, it's been such a long time and I enjoy her company very much.
They had lot's of neat things on sale and we kept getting sidetracked!!LOL Although I found some awesome deals on some new makeup and a nice little nightie outfit (ahem, I guess that was more for Bill's benefit!!ROFL!!)

This afternoon I had Bill take me to go and get my blood work done, and the durned place was closed at 12pm (it was 1:30pm) for computer maintenance today!!GRRRRRRRRR!!!! So, lucky me, I'm going tomorrow. At least Bill offered to stay home with Kayla, Mariah and Robbie. But I'll have to take the new little girl I'm looking after with me. Oh yeah!! I gave R's family notice earlier this month, it was getting to be too much for me. So now the little girl I originally looked after (back before I had Mariah) is coming back and bringing her baby sister with her. Raye is about three weeks younger than Mariah and Connery is in the same grade as Alyssa. I've looked after Connery since she was 18mo, so it'll be nice to have them here. Not only that, I've more than doubled my income, so that is a nice perk too. It'll be nice, to once again get the bill's all caught up , and start saving money.

Well, I have to run, I did want to write more, but it's getting up to the dinner hour and my little munchkins are STARVING!!!LOL I'm taking it easy tonight and just doing hotdogs and Macaroni and Cheese and Salads.

Hope you all are doing well, and Maybe...just maybe I can pop by some of your blogs tonight!!! Hopefully my little teething monster will be able to sleep tonight!!

God bless!!

Poor Bill, he's just a basket case, please pray for him. He's so worried about all of us.


Misty said...

Make sure you update with the results of everyone's medical tests. I am so sorry you are in pain. I hope they find out the cause soon. Much love!

Sylvia said...

Hello Penny, I am thinking and praying for you all. Take care of yourself. Keep me updated.