Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Is it Friday?

Doh! It's only Tuesday. Actually things aren't going too bad. I have some WONDERFUL news to share, It's official, Alex, Alyssa and Robbie will be HOMESCHOOLED next year!!!!! Ladies, I am so excited!!! I have a phone conference Thursday morning with the lady who coordinates all the homeschooling, we're going through the same program I did with Alex last year. She was so happy to hear from me, it was really neat.

She's also checking into whether or not they can get Robbie speech therapy while he's being homeschooled. I'm praying that they can. I really don't want to have to walk to the school once a week for him to go for 45min of therapy, of course I will if need be. They don't have an ECS homeschool curriculum so together we will create one for Robbie. ECS isn't mandatory here, so apparently if you want your child to have kindergarten, you have to send them!! Oh, well.

Those of you who homeschool, know the excitement. The waiting for your curriculum, the planning of your school year!!!! I can hardly wait!!

My sister will be arriving tomorrow night. She is staying with all the kids (God bless her!!) so Bill and I can alone to my appointment. The kids are excited, I am keeping Alex and Alyssa home for the afternoon, probably the entire day.

Both kids have been having a terrible time at school. Both yesterday and today Alyssa was in tears about staying. Yesterday I brought her home, but today I walked her to class, and talked with her teacher. I told her UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is she to keep Alyssa at school if she gets upset. We can't figure out what is going at school that is making her so upset. Alex has been very grumpy lately and has had a lot of outbursts. I'm beginning to wonder if it's all because of me? They see me not being able to walk up the stairs, or the tears that run down my cheeks when we walk sometimes. I think it's getting to them. Of course we talk about it, I've told them all that I can. We prayed last night that the dr I am seeing on Thursday will have an answer. The kids are so sweet, Alyssa:"please God, make mommy feel better and make that dr make her better too, she can't make bread and I like her bread"LOL Alex;"please God, give my mommy a break, she really doesn't like sore legs and I need her to wash my socks because she won't let me wash the clothes in a bleach wash, and I get sad when she hurts"LOL

Anyways, must go make lunch!!
Have a great day!!
BTW:I am putting together a booklet about OAMC (once-a-month cooking) with a brief explanation on what it is, tips and tricks that I've come across and of course ALL the recipes I use. It's going to be in word format, so you can print it off and create your own meals from it!! Send me an email titled: OAMC and I will add you to the list of ladies receiving it!! I hope to have it out by this weekend and I'm going to be sending it out in groups of ten, so I don't lose or forget somebody!! It's a HUGE group, I never realized there was so many interested, that's why I thought I'd post it here too!!
God bless!!


Sylvia said...

Hello Penny, I am so happy for your family. I sent you an email for the booklet. Have a wonderful day!! (((HUGS)))