Sunday, May 29, 2005

God showed Himself to me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes you read that right, He could not have made himself MORE clear, other than walking through my front door!!!

Okay, I'll back track a little and update.

All of Friday's appointments went well, little Mariah is just that, LITTLE!!!LOL
She weighed in at 17lbs on the nose and 28 1/4 inches long!! Teeny tiny!!LOL Once again, they expressed concern *sigh* I calmly said, I'm NOT!! She's still happily nursing, and she has one or two cups/bottles of homo milk here and there as a drink along with applejuice. She's slowly taking to table foods (LOVES macaroni and cheese, yoghurt, applesauce, HATES meat and eggs!!)Whatever, she's bright and VERY happy, obviously far from starvation!!LOL Robbie did SO good, I was so proud, he didn't even cry AND he got two needles in his arm. (It was his booster for MMR and DTP) Alyssa came with us and sat right beside him during the whole time, telling him what a strong brave boy he was being. The nurse thought that quite special.
Robbie is 40lbs on the nose, and I can't remember his height off the top of my mind.....

Went grocery shopping that night, Shellie wasn't able to go, so Bill took me. When I go with him I have to RUN through the store. I did the entire trip in 1hr 10min!!! This is record speed for me!!!

Saturday was another bad day, pain wise. But, I managed. That night we were invited to a BBQ with friends of ours and of course Uncle Rob and Auntie Shellie!! It's wonderful because the people that were hosting are expecting their first baby on June 22nd. They had Been trying for over 6yrs, and had basically given up, when, by God's grace, walla they found out they were expecting. God is so good. These are also very good people and adore children. Of course my kids had a blast. They roasted marshmallows and made smores for the first time ever. They also had lot's of treats and roasted hotdogs too. It was a late night, but you have to do it once in awhile. Unfortunately for me, by the time we left I was in horrible pain and could barely walk. I 'found' two Tylenol 3's (thankyou, you know who you are!!!) so at least I was able to have a restful sleep.

However, when I awoke this morning it was a different story. I had really bad weakness and pain. So we decided that Bill would take me over to the clinic to see about a)getting checked out and b)pain medication to hold me out until I see the Rhuematologist on Thursday, after he went to support and root for Uncle Rob's football team. (I had to stay home in the am, because Mr.lawn guy was 'supposed' to come) Anyways, by the time he got home, I was really bad. I thought for sure I was going to fall. Soooooo, we go to the clinic, Bill drops me off and takes the kids for a drive. I go in and discover that I won't, at least, have a long wait 20min max.

I ask which drs are on, and she mentions two I had never seen before, I start thinking great, here I go trying to explain everything again! When the dr comes in she introduces herself (THIS IS THE GOOD PART, GOD IS GOOD) and asks what I need today. I had brought my original prescription bottle in with me, and said I was looking to get it refilled, but only for enough until Thursday. She asks why I'm on them, I start explaining and she listened to EVERY word I said. Then she offers, I can't give you an official diagnosis, but can I tell you what I think? I cautiously say yes. She says it sounds like I am suffering from......drumroll please......Fibromyalgia!!!!! I say well, that's what I've been thinking. Then, she blew me away. She asks if I am a part of any faith. I say pardon me? She repeats herself, and says are you a part of any faith? And I say, well yes, I am Christian. She asks if it is alright if she could pray over me!!!!! WOW!! I was completely shocked, never, ever, ever has a DOCTOR EVER asked me that. This wonderful, God sent woman prayed over me for almost five minutes. She held my hand and cried and asked the Lord to please lay His healing hands over me and my family and that we trust Him and know that no illness is without His strength. We prayed for the Rheumatoligists wisdom and any other drs I may see. It was TRULY amazing. Afterwards we cried for a brief second, me mostly because I have never been prayed over like that before, and her simply because she CARED. We then talked about allowing God to heal me and guide me and trusting Him. She also explained to me that there is a place just outside of town that allows patients with problems like me and other diseases, to see a dr AND have prayer. WOW!!! She refilled my prescription and told me that I need to seek whatever wisdom I need, and to allow God to show me the way, as He did today. So, I walk out of there, and Bill is like, what is up? I told him what just happened, and he was in shock and got teary eyed. He said, well if that doesn't yell at you, I don't know what will!!!!LOL
Honestly, I have been praying for Him to send me a sign, show me that he hears my prayers at night and all day. And He did just that, He gave me hope and renewed my spirit. He showed me that He has not forsaken me, that He is right here with me.

So, backtrack a little more, I was waiting all morning for the lawn guy to show and he didn't, so I'm thinking, great, burnt again. As we pull up to the house, guess who is in our yard?!?!?!?LOL, Yup, the lawn guy and his son. They did a fabulous job and charged us next to nothing!!! He's also going to come back every week and mow. Praise the Lord!!!!

So, with a renewed spirit, and the knowledge of the Lord being right by my side, and the pain medication, I am ready to take on this week. I know that Thursday will be good and this dr is God's control.

So with that, I will close. Thank you ladies for all your wonderful thoughts and prayers, please keep them coming HE IS HEARING THEM!!!!!!

God bless you all!!
PS> Daphne, I will post the list for you later this week, it is a very LONG list!!
and I am also doing up a special for fellow MOMYS regarding OAMC!! Busy, busy!! But don't worry I will most certainly post that for you!! Take care!!


Sylvia said...

Hi Penny, God is so Good! I have been thinking and praying for you and yours. Have a great day!

Rebekah said...

God is indeed good!!! Thank you so much for the e-card by the way. How kind of you. It was truly a comfort to me. God bless, dear sister. :-)