Thursday, May 12, 2005

So far so good.......................

With the tummy bug, that is.

No other outbreaks so far, perhaps my over indulgence with the bleach bottle and my obsessive with handwashing, paid off! We'll see.
Kayla seems to be completely over her tummy bug, and is happily eating up a storm to make up for lost time. Actually, that was my wake up call this morning. A package of instant oatmeal whacked me in the side of the face with the demand of "make me bowl oatmeal NOW", nice.
But, I'm glad she is back to her old self again.

Alex has this nasty cough, it almost sounds like a lung is going to come flying out of his mouth! No other symptoms, just this horrid cough. So, I've kept him home all week, so far. Alyssa went to school today, she had been home all week. She had been complaining of a tummy ache. I think it was more to do with anxiety over getting the same thing as Kayla. She's petrified of

As for me, ugh. That about sums it up. I found out about my appointment. It's scheduled for June 2nd at 2pm. I'm praying that this man will help me. I'm desperate. The naproxen is a joke, I'm tempted to stop taking it, simply because it's not working and it makes my stomach hurt terribly. I've tried taking it before, during and after I eat, as per the pharmacists suggestion. I've tried taking it with milk...Nothing. I figure, why keep loading my body with drugs, if they're not working?!? I need my tylenol 3's or something like them to diffuse the pain enough to function. I have no idea what else may work, I haven't tried anything stronger and I don't really want to be on anything stronger. I just know what doesn't work. I can purchase acetaminophen with codeine OTC, but it only has 8mg of codeine in it, not enough to help, and like I said, I'm not going to load my system with drugs that don't work. I was reading up on pain management for people with Fibromyalgia, the one drug that most people found that worked the best was Vicodin. Of course this was an American website, so I don't think we have that drug here. But we must have the equivalent. I know these are addictive drugs, and I'm really having a difficult time even thinking that I may need drugs that are habit forming. But, truly, I'm weighing the benefits vs risks, and I'm thinking if I have to take an addictive drug THAT WORKS, so as to function as a mama, then I'll do it. Unless of course this doctor has something else in mind, I'm up for trying, as long as the pain goes away.

Bill and I had a long discussion about the pain medication deal. Of course he doesn't want to see his wife popping pills all day, and although he originally disagreed about my taking pain meds on a regular basis, he's had a change of mind.

He says it tears him up to see me limping around in tears and being unable to even make it downstairs to do a load of laundry or tuck my kids in at night. It tears me up not being able to do the things I used to do. I love doing aerobics, and hiking. As of now those are shot out the window, and the walk in the morning to take the kids to school does me in for the day, it leaves me so exhausted, it's ridiculous. I mean, honestly, I have hyperactivity disorder!!!!!

Ah well, I shan't have a doomsday attitude yet, I must keep my spirit up for my kids and hubby. As hard as it is, I have to.

Once again, sorry for the vent. I really thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, they mean so much to me.

Grocery shopping tomorrow night, I've saved four tylenol 3's for the trip. Two for before and two for after, it's the only way I can manage. *sigh*

VERONICA what does your MIL do for relief? That's the tough thing with this darn disease, what works for one person, has horrible results for another.
thank you for your thoughts and prayers. God will prevail.

God bless you all dear sisters.


Sylvia said...

Vent girl! That is what friends are for. I am praying for all of you. Take care and God Bless.

Veronica said...

I totally agree with Sylvia, vent all you want!

I'm not sure what medicine she takes but I do know that she only takes it when she gets in really bad shape because she said that even though the medicine makes the pain go away, as you know with taking strong prescription drugs it makes you like a zombie so to speak. I can ask her and see what she takes.

I will continue praying for you. God bless.

Veronica said...

I asked mil what she takes and what she does when the pain gets to be to much. She takes: daypro, ultram and flexerel(sp?). She has a hot tub and she gets in that when she is hurting and it helps but she said before she got the hot tub she just got in the tub and had the water as hot as she could stand it and would soak in it for awhile and it would give her some relief. HTH! I hope you can find something to help you and give you the relief you need! God bless!