Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm here!!!

LOL!! Nope, I haven't disappeared, nor did my oven swallow me!!(LOL, Daphne)
It's just been busy, busy!!
Just a quick update,

Got all my cooking done, hurray!! I'm off the hook for a month.
I also did my entire basement on the weekend as well. Managed to get 7 garbage bags outta there!! Mostly broken toys and garbage, ripped clothing, mismatched socks that haven't had a partner in months and had holes. (I use the non-holed ones for dusting)
Helped the kids organize their rooms and vacuum their mattresses!

Monday, not much. Kayla started with a fever so I believed she had what the others had/have. Tuesday, Bill took her to the clinic because she was also showing signs of a bladder infection. The doctor put her on antibiotics because her throat was horrendous as the doc said. She was also very concerned that Kayla may have a kidney infection because she also has a fever, but it could be from her strep throat. So, here we go with a pee sample again. I tried last night before I went out, but we missed!grrrr. So, we need a new cup and then I can get one in today.
It's very quiet around here today. Robbie is still feeling really yucky and sparked a fever again last night, I'm giving him until tomorrow and then we'll be back at the clinic. He's been on antibiotics since last week, he shouldn't be having symptoms again. Kayla is asleep on the couch because she still feels yucky.

Mariah is just happily crawling all around, having the whole house to herself, because the baby I look after had a rough night last night, and is a sleepy girl too.

Went out last night with Kerri. It was so nice to go out with her, we haven't done that in ages!!! I always enjoy her company, she is such a good friend to me. Oh, and she also brought some clothes that her big boy has grown out of for Robbie. He was very pleased!! They had also done a clean out (they just moved into their new house) and had some toys that her kids don't play with anymore....Robbie was doubly excited because it was Rescue hero's and some Toy Story stuff...his favorite!!!! Anyways, we wandered around WM for awhile and then had a snack at McDonald's. I bought the kids this really neat thing, it's a Bug vacuum!!!LOL It looks like a dustbuster and it came with a magnifying lens so they can see what they caught. I also got them a coloring set and Alex some new undies, as well as Bill!!LOL
Got Mariah a couple sleepers. She's been growing lately, so I think I'm going to have to get her some new summer outfits. She's finally out of the 6-9mo size and into the 9-12mo sizes and I don't have much to fit her!!LOL
I got a huge garbage bag filled with boys stuff in Alex's size from Freecycle, lot's of summer and fall stuff. So, it's just Mariah that needs some stuff. Alyssa is pretty much set and I bought her a bathing suit last night as well. Kayla has ample amount of summer stuff, so no worries there. Kerri also sent some fall stuff for Kayla to grow into and some even fit Alyssa!!! Kerri's dd is just a smidge taller than Alyssa, so Alyssa usually gets to wear a few things as well. I'm so blessed that Kerri does this for us...Thankyou so much!!!!Anybody with a large family knows how much handmedowns are appreciated, the kids go through stuff so quickly!!LOL

This morning I managed to get my front flower bed dug up and planted a some seeds. other than that, I'm doing a bit of a tidy in the kitchen and my loads of laundry for the day and that's it. I'm very sore in my upper back and arms today, I bet there is a rain/thunder storm coming! Oh yeah, gotta get the bread machine going. Bill LOVES to have the fresh bread with supper, which I think will be Spaghetti and salad tonight.

Well, that about sums up what's happening at our house!!LOL I decided to give the interview questions another few days....C'MON YOU GUYS MUST WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING!!!!LOL ASK AWAY!!!! The amount of things I get asked out in public, you'd think my comments section would be filled!!!ROFL!!!

Have a great day everyone!!
God Bless!!

Oh, special congratulations to ~*JAY AND RUTHANNE*~ They just had their 8th blessing...a sweet baby Girl, click to read more at their blog site. I always appreciated her input when she was on the MOMYS list. May God bless them.