Thursday, June 16, 2005

Oh my, please..tell me it's Friday?!?!!?

Good grief! What a night, I feel so bad for Robbie. I went downstairs to throw another load into the dryer and while I was doing that I could hear him making some funny noises. I didn't think too much of it because he has a tendency to babble and moan in his sleep. Well, then the noises got very strange. I went in and he was stiff as a board, teeth clenched and jerking! Oh my goodness, he's having a seizure was went through my mind. I went over and just made sure he didn't fall off the bed and kept talking to him and reassuring him. It was only about 45-60 seconds, that I saw, but it felt like forever. After it was all over, I took him upstairs and told Bill what had just happened and that I was going to let Robbie sleep on the couch, with me beside him. I also gave him a dose of Tylenol. About 15min later the same thing happened, only it wasn't quite as weird. Bill wasn't coping to well and left the room. (poor guy, he just doesn't handle situations like that too well)and then he was fine about 2min later. He stayed awake for a bit and then fell asleep. His fever was about 103.3 before the tylenol and afterwards it was about 101.8. Bill wanted to take him in, but I'm confident it was just a febrile seizure and so was the nurse I spoke with. She said if I keep the tylenol going in him every 4hrs, he should be alright. BUT, if he has one WITH the tylenol in him, he needs to be seen.
So, it was a very long night for me! I am ready to crawl back into bed.......oh well, not for another 16hrs at the least!!!
Please pray for Robbie and that this was just a febrile seizure and nothing more, and that he doesn't have another one. He was a little freaked out by the whole thing. I just told him that sometimes when you have a high fever it can make your body do funny things, so we gotta keep up with the tylenol.

Well, I must get kids dressed and breakfast going for some and C and R will be here in about 1/2 an hour. I'll be back on in a little bit, during morning nap time!!

God Bless


Kerri said...

OMGosh! How scary! I hope Robbie's okay and that it's just a one-time thing because of the fever! ((hugs)) to you both!

Sylvia said...

(((HUGS)))Praying for Robbie!