Friday, June 17, 2005


Good morning everyone, sorry I didn't repost last night, it was hectic and crazy. By the time it was quiet, I just crawled into bed.
Anyways, Robbie is good...well....nothing serious. Apparently the doctor believes it to be a virus. All the weird stuff to be just symptoms of his fever rising so quickly and going so high.

He slept pretty good last night, and I was alternating with the tylenol and advil for him, that seems to be doing the trick. His fever has been hovering around 101.2F, much better than it was. When they took it at the hospital, he was 104.5...YIKES!!!And remember that was with the tylenol in him!!! Seems how it's a virus I am praying that it won't travel throughout the house!!!

Well, it could be an interesting day around here weather wise. As of 4am this morning our city is under a heavy rainfall warning, you can read more about it HERE You can click on your browsers refresh button to see if it's been updated.
Bill just called and told me to keep the kids home, so they get a day off of school.

Candy Sorry I had to remove your comment. While I deeply appreciate your prayers and concern for Robbie, I do not want any affiliation with any companies that produce products simply to bulk their own wallets. Especially ones that aren't approved by the US food and drug or the Canadian equivalent. I do hope you understand. I want every link on my webpage to be something I support and those companies, I do not support. Also do address your question: at first I was taken aback by your question because it crossed me as a 'holier than thou' comment, but I decided that perhaps my lack of sleep and huge concern for Robbie probably made me vulnerable and I took it the wrong way. So hopefully that is how you meant it. I do not think my kids have been overly sick or more sick than a normal level. First off, the two olders attend public school and are in different classes, thus being exposed to different germs. Add on the fact that I also babysit two other children, one of which is a schoolager as well. So there are the vehicle's that bring the germs home. The average normal child contracts 10 upper respiratory infections per year, and that's not including tummy bugs, strep throat, etc. The big thing is, not that they catch these bugs, but how quickly they fight them off and build their immune systems to become healthy adults. Before school days, we rarely had an infection roaming the house, but now.......... Unfortunately, we most likely won't escape it with homeschooling either because, I will still be looking after the schoolager and the children will be in activities that will expose them. So, rather than me rambling on and on, I will leave it at that. Illnesses are just a fact of life, they are necessary to build immunity and in the long run create a better immune system for the future. God knew what he was doing when He equipped our bodies with immune systems and I trust His work!!! Hopefully that answered your question.


Veronica said...

I hope Robbie feels better soon.