Friday, June 17, 2005


Okay, so I'm in my kitchen preparing lunch for the kids and I look out my kitchen window, which looks directly outside into my backyard and alley. I saw a group of girls go stand in behind my neighbor's garage door and fence. Seems how it is raining, I thought perhaps they were just adjusting their hats or something. Yeah, or something. I look up again and they're smoking weed from a pipe!! WHAT!!!!????? They couldn't have been more than 14, I'd say grade 8-9. I. Just. Don't. think. so. Not In front of me!!!! So I put my shoes on and open my back door and holler "Hey Girls, why don't you take your dope and get out of here!" LOL original, I know. And then I went into some sort of rambling state of "do your parents know where you are, I mean honestly can you not find anything better to do than stand in the rain in some alley getting high?" to which they replied something that I couldn't hear and I toss in " you just wait until it's your kids!" Goodness, I mean honestly, what is going on?!?! This is supposed to be a good community, and here's these children standing outside smoking dope?!?!? I really wanted to just walk over, rip that pipe out of their hands and drag them inside!!! They looked so young and naive............The sad part is, they were well dressed in the 'trendy' clothes and probably live in a nice house, with hard working parents who 'believe' their innocent dd's are at school, enjoying lunch. Then again maybe not. Having lived a secret life as a teenager, I can never be in a position to judge.

I pray that they find their way.