Sunday, June 19, 2005

Please continue prayer for Robbie

I can only update a little, it's coming up to 1:10am. He's still not well. we spent the afternoon at urgent care with him, because his fever was still there and he has also developed a rash. the doctors still believe it is strep throat and the doc we saw today has put him on a different antibiotic. (Zithromax) please pray that this does the trick. those of you who know me IRL, know I;m usually pretty savvy with the medical field, but this one has got me. all I can do is pray that this med works. he was originally on Pen-vk, , so the doc thinks it just killed off the weaker strep 'bugs' and left the stronger ones to take over. His throat is so swollen he is suffering from sleep apnea, as well his O2 SAT was 94 and he has a sick stomach from all the pus. We did however finally get his fever down to 102.3F, the lowest it's been in awhile. The positive, he is still drinking, not eating, but at least he's keeping fluids in there. As if that wasn't enough, he has also started with diarrhea tonight....I just feel so bad for him. I have been praying over him all day and all night tonight so far.

So please continue prayer for's been a very long day.
Thank-you all dear sisters, if you leave a quick comment in my comment section or tagboard, I will pass it on to him. He knows all about my MOMYS group and all my internet friends.

God Bless.


Ruth Parkinson said...

You don't me but please pass on that i am praying for him. It is so horrible to see them sick.

Misty said...

Praying for Robbie.