Sunday, June 19, 2005

Guess What?!?!?!?!?!!?


We are singing Praises this morning!! Praise be to our Lord and Savior!! It was a very long night, filled with comforting and a lot of prayer!!! After crawling into my makeshift bed on the floor, right beside Robbie on the couch, around 4:30am I was awoken to him asking for breakfast!!!! His fever is down to 101.2 before Advil/Tylenol and it was 99.9 afterwards!! It is coming down!! His rash is gone!! It is a miracle, please thank the Lord for hearing our words of prayer!!

Of course, this is what is left now:

A very tired Mama, both emotionally and physically!! But most definitely relieved and very thankful!!!

So, now we will just enjoy our Father's Day. Bill chose to go watch Uncle Rob's football game and then when he returns, we'll be going for a walk to our lake. No swimming though!!LOL Just a nice walk by the beach and probably let the kids play at the park there.


Enjoy your day ladies with that special man in your life!! What a blessing they are!!
Thank you so very much from Robbie and I (he sure felt special when I read him your prayers, thank you so much!!!!)
God Bless!!!


Sylvia said...

God is so Good!!! I am so glad Robbie is ok. Hope you all enjoyed your day! Take care!!!!

Ruth Parkinson said...

I am so glad. It is amazing what God can do.