Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Monday!!

Updated the Childrens blog!! Click on the link to the right!!

Well, Robbie is doing much better and his fever is gone!! Praise our Lord!!!
He is still a very tired little man, but at least he's responding to the Zithromax!

I had a quick appointment with my doctor this morning. Praise the Lord it went great!! She gave me a lot of hope and told me there is no way she will deny me pain medication, we're just going to monitor carefully. She said now that we have a diagnosis and know what we're dealing with, she will give me the Tylenol 3's. She said if they work that well for me, it's better than going on something stronger. See, the Tylenol 3's give me no adverse reactions, I don't feel loopy or 'stoned' on them like some people do. The only thing they do is make the pain manageable. She said if I were to go on something stronger I run the risk of feeling loopy or groggy because it would be too much medicine. We're also going to try the Amitryptilne (I'm guessing at the spelling because I don't have the bottle beside me!!) but it's supposed to help with getting better sleep. She believes once I get better sleep, I will be doing much better. So, at least we have a plan. She also reassured me that she has a lot of other ideas should this plan not work, she told me she's committed to getting me better!! Yeah!! I was worried he was going to react the way the other doctors had, So that was good news.

We have a water ban on right now because of all the flooding in our city. A few communities were evacuated on the weekend! YIKES! But because of the massive water, our water treatment plants cannot handle it and keep up with the demand. So, we are not allowed to use water outside for ANY purpose, such as watering lawns or flowerbeds, washing down vehicles or outdoor furniture. If you are caught violating this rule you will be fined $500.00 for a first offense and $2000.00 for a second offense. They are also asking residents to take short showers and preferably baths as well as not doing laundry or running the dishwasher. So, I'm obliging! Luckily I'm all caught up in the laundry area, so 1 or 2 days shouldn't be too bad, as long as I get caught up as soon as we get the okay. I don't mind washing dishes by hand either, so if it helps with water consumption, then I'm all for it.
Luckily we didn't get any serious flooding in our community. Although the wildlife park a few minutes away from our house is closed. They are low lying, but poor Alex will have to miss his filed trip there that was scheduled for tomorrow. The were going to be doing an archeology dig, which is right up my little scientists alley! So hopefully I will be able to incorporate that into our studies next year. We're going to be doing a few studies on bugs and insects throughout the summer, as well as a reading program...gotta keep those little minds busy!!!

Well, I've rambled on enough! Time to go take my first pill and hopefully start the road to being in better shape!!! Praying that this is the right dose and medication!!!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!! God Bless!!