Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy Hump Day!!

Well it's Wednesday, and it's HOT!!!LOL All that rain has left and now we have very warm, highs near 26C!! I like it though, when I'm warm I feel better.
Although I think the forecast calls for some showers tonight (most likely thunderstorms if this heat continues!) and some on the weekend. It would be awesome if it was nice and hot during the day and then it would pour at night, like between 11pm and 4am!!

Well, so far that med she put me on is helping!!! Actually I may be in fact in love with this new medicine!!LOL I take it about an hour before bed, and then as that hour approaches, I start to feel tired, but not a drugged tired (like I thought) it's like a natural "YAAAAAWN I'm tired" kinda sleepy. The good thing is, I don't feel too bad in the morning. Doc said I may feel groggy in the mornings while my body adjusts. Mt eyes feel kind of funny, but I deal. The nice thing is for the past two nights, I have slept 6-6.5 hrs STRAIGHT!!! No waking up because my legs hurt or are buzzing, no muscle cramps (that wake me up) it's AWESOME!!!
I'm really praying that this is the drug!!! The nice thing is it's a multi-purpose drug, it's for migraines, chronic pain and mild depression as well as sleep disturbances!! Yup, me all wrapped up in a package!!!LOL

Interestingly, it is (I'm like 99.9% sure) the same drug I was on as a little girl (4-5) for my sleep problems and nightmares and sleep walking. (yup, it's been a life long issue)So, I hope when I go see her, we don't have to adjust the dosage, but we'll see. I don't feel it's need to be right now, but I've only taken 2 doses, things could be different in 2 wks.

Well, guess I should get going on my day!! Not too much planned, it's too warm. I should was up the breakfast dishes, and I had to cave in and do a small load of laundry :o( with five was necessary!! At least a small load, and I didn't do a second rinse.

Have a great day everyone!!!
God Bless!!


Sylvia said...

Hi Penny! I am so glad you are sleeping well. Have a great evening.