Thursday, June 23, 2005

Good Morning!!

~*Updated the Food Blog*~

Little Miss mariah decided that 5:30 was a great time to get up this morning, usually she sleeps until 6:30-7am and I can usually stay in bed and doze during that time because the older kids can get breakfast themselves. However once Mariah is up, Mama has to be too!!!

Well, that nasty virus has claimed another victim. Alyssa apparently has the virus or strep throat, I can't really tell for sure yet. She's got a fever and a headache, so she'll be staying home today. Poor girl, tomorrow is her field trip to the zoo!!! She told me that's it's alright, she wouldn't want to go feeling this way anyways.
I think I may just order some groceries instead of getting Bill to drive me (Shellie can't go this time around) I hate to do that because I have to pay $9.95 to have them delivered, but it's better than having to drag the kids all out, especially with Alyssa being sick.

I hope she's feeling somewhat better tomorrow, I have to take Robbie to his final speech assessment, but we will have to walk. I don't think Alyssa will make the 40min walk there and then a 40min walk back. I have to take Robbie because his therapist left me a message saying there might be funding for Robbie to continue with services. This would be great because of the homeschooling. Of course Bill will be at work until 4. Oh well, something will work out, it always does!!LOL

Golly, trying to get things organized for my sisters move has been a crazy thing. Movers aren't available and then this and that...grrrrrr. This is why I hate moving and my sister is learning real quick that moving sucks!!!LOL

Well, guess I should go start my day. Mariah apparently needs her bum changed.....again! I need to make Alex's lunch, even though he's determined to stay home, because he doesn't want to go without Alyssa. Grrrrr, there's only five days left!!!

I may be back on later, when it's naptime!!LOL

God Bless!!!