Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Long time, no hear!!!

First off, thank you to everyone who emailed me!!! What a precious blessing it is to have you all in my life!!! May God bless you all!!

Everything is going pretty good here. We had a few more instances of strep with the kids. Praise the Lord, I think we kicked that out of here!!!
Alyssa had a kidney infection. Oddly enough, we've since discovered that it was caused by an allergic reaction to the soap we've been using!! Go figure, I've only ever used Ivory or Johnson's baby wash on the kids, turns out it's the Johnson's baby wash!! I should've known, because she's allergic to all their shampoo's.
We also had Kayla on antibiotics, she had a severe allergic reaction to a mosquito bite on her foot 2 weeks ago. It turned into a pretty bad infection (very quickly too) Poor little girl, it was basically like cellulitis. Her foot was doubled in size, and bright red and hot to the touch, then the bite started oozing this gross pus. That all happened over night!! Luckily the antibiotics cleared it up very quickly, and now we have to just give her Benadryl every time we go out. We covered her in the lotion AND sprayed her and she still got bit. Praise the lord for Benadryl!!!
I have no idea how the kids did on their report cards, they didn't end up going the last two days of school. Quite frankly, I'm not to worried about what their marks or teacher comments were!!LOL
I'm all geared up and excited for next year!!! The kids are really excited too, we have been re-doing our home chore lists, and will have a family meeting on Sunday night to go over it all. I've been busy making all these nifty little cards that have pictures of all the chores they will have. As well as their praise 'money'. I will post a complete description when I get it altogether.

As for me......well......I have to say I am almost 100% symptom free!!! I have been singing praises to our heavenly Father!! The medicine I am on (Amitriptyline) is working wonders!!!! I have not been in pain since about the third or fourth day of taking it! Which is partially the reason I haven't been on here!! I have been out and about enjoying life again with my family!!! I am happy again, and I feel like the old me!!! I am back to running up and down the stairs again, chasing the kids outside, walking everywhere. Cleaning my house, playing barbies and making crafts, doing gardening, taking the kids to the park and our lake!! Whew!! Non stop!! It has been wonderful. I take the lowest dosage there is available before bed. I now sleep through the night (unless of course Mariah or someone else needs mama!!) I have not had any restless legs symptoms, no cramps in my legs. I wake up feeling well rested and happy to start the day. My memory is coming back, my coordination is well on it's way, and the drug hasn't even taking full effect yet!!!LOL (it takes about 4-5 weeks of continous use to get the maximum benifits) I never feel drugged or dopey on them.
That upper part was started on July 7th!! LOL
It seems as though everytime I get on here, I get interuppted!!

Just thought I'd post to say Hi and thank you again for all your wonderful emails!!! I have tried to respond to quite a few, but there are amny more I have not yet. If you haven't received an email, I have forgotten you!!!!

I'll try to post more often again!! I miss it so much!!

I'm going to try and visit all your blogs to!! Off and on throughout the day. My mom and grandma bought the kids a really nice swingset/climber apparatus for the yard. It's by Step 2, and it's really cool. I'm so happy they have something to do in the backyard now. I am getting a very late start on my garden, but we'll see what God allows my garden to grow!!

But, for now, I must go and water said garden (I've only got the front planted, working on the back later this week)!!
Still feeling awesome!!

Take care all my dear sisters, and my thoughts and prayers to you who need them!!
God bless, and much love and hugs!!


Sylvia said...

Hi Penny! So glad to hear from you! I know you are busy but I miss your posts!Take care and God Bless!