Thursday, July 14, 2005


Good evening all my dear friends!!!

Today was such a busy day, and I'm a little tender tonight!!LOL Must be sure to get at least 7hrs of sleep so as not to set myself up!!

Not too much exciting though. I hung some rope to make a clothes line to dry the clothes on!! mmmmmm, I love that smell. I discovered I will need to hang some more, then I will be able to dry more!! Tommorow is sheets and towels!! I can't wait to crawl into bed tomoorow night in fresh line dried sheets!!!

Alex had a dentist appointment this morning to get his two eye teeth pulled out. If he didn't there wasn't enough room for his other molars to come in (12yo) rather than wait for them to become impacted, we opted to get them pulled now, so everything can realign. He did very good Bill said. He's in a bit of pain tonight, so he took a tylenol, so I hope that helps him!! He was slightly swollen along the sides of his nose as well, poor guy.

Oh, Mariah now pulls herself to a standing position!! She started this about two weeks ago, she has gotten pretty good at it too!!! No walking yet, but she does walk on her knees, just like Kayla did until she was almost a year and a half old!!
No new teeth to report, still only has the four. I know she is teething the top ones right now, drool baby or what!!!LOL
We are all done nursing...:o( I'm sad, but I think I've gotten used to the whole thing now. She just stopped althogether and would only bite, and giggle. I couldn't even get her to latch on at night, she just bit!! Guess I better change my blinkies. :o(

Well, I guess if I'm going to go to bed earlier, I should go and take my medicine now, it seems to take about an hour to kick in fully. Hurray!! It's Friday!!!

Have a great night everyone!!
God bless!!!