Friday, July 15, 2005

Happy Friday!!!

I know I say it every Friday but humour me!! I LOVE FRIDAYS!!!!

Today was pretty good, the weather did not cooperate with my plan of hanging the sheets out to dry...grrrr!! It looked as though it was going to rain all day and I just knew that if I went to all the work of hanging 6 sets of bedsheets out to dry, it would rain for sure. So I didn't, and it didn't rain until dinner time! Ha!
Oh well, there's always next week!!!

Not much in the plan for this weekend, other than my mom and I slipping out for me to get a few groceries. Then she offered to stay with the kids so Bill and I could go out for awhile!! We have our annual Calgary Stampede and Rodeo going on right now, where they have tons of rides and games, as well as tons of food and of course the rodeo. We were thinking we may go down there, but I don't know, it's SOOO expensive!! I would rather us go out for dinner or maybe even a movie...gee can you tell I don't like large crowds?!?!? Not only that, it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow!! Personally I don't want to walk around in the rain!! (as much as I love the rain!!)

Oh!! I created an album of Mariah's 1st b-day and various pics of the kids, you can check it out HERE

It's funny because I see them everyday, but I don't realize how much they've grown until I see pics of them!! I guess I should have the other 6 rolls of film developed that I have sitting in my cupboard sometime soon. One of those rolls has pics of Robbie's 3rd b-day, and I believe there are some from Christmas as well!!
I really need a digital camera!!LOL All in God's timing!!

Well my friends, have a great weekend!! I will post soon about what 'exciting' things we did over the weekend!!!LOL

Oh, I thought you may like to see what we actually got for the backyard for the kids!! It's birthday gifts to the kids all year long from Great-Grandma and Grandma!!
They have been having a wonderful time with it, I hope to add to it as time and money allow!! They have really neat things, picnic table, sand and water table.......
Goodnight and God Bless!!!


chel said...

Beautiful Pictures:-)