Thursday, July 21, 2005


James and Rebekah!!!! They just had their fifth blessing on Tuesday!!!
Praise be to Him!!!!!

My week hasn't been the greatest and at the same point it hasn't been the worst!
HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY TO ROBBIE!!!!!!!He turned 5 on Tuesday!!!!
Just a quiet celebration at home, we're hoping to get a lake day in to celebrate like we have since he turned two!!!

I am not sleeping well, mostly because of Bill's wonky hours, and for some reason I am having nightmares, really terrible ones. Ones that I can't even write about because they freak me out so badly. I wish I could turn them off, I've tried thinking 'happy thoughts' before I fall asleep, I always have some wonderful prayer time before I fall asleep....I just dunno.

For those MOMYS who read my blog....Thank you for your prayers for Bill!!! The doctor was wonderful and has put him on the same meds as before. (at least we know they work!!) She's also sending him for a complete blood work up.

Other than that, not much to report on. Just pluggin' along.

I've decided that I think I am a weird parent, don't get me wrong the two females I am very close with (waves Hello!!!, you know who you are!!) know me and accept me and all my wonky ways!!LOL But for the vast majority of people I talk with (strangers or acquaintances) I get the feeling I am not the norm. There was an instance a bit ago, regarding a certain person who wished to take my children on an outing to there house. I am not comfortable with this person doing so, and I feel I have legitimate reasons why. Said person on the other hand, does not and challenged my parental decisions. I am by far a confrontational person and I get weak at the knees and sweaty hands at the very thought, I have however (I feel anyways) become much more confident in my ability as a parent as I've gotten older. I'm not afraid to be 'different' if it means protecting my children from things I perceive as wrong.
I perceive this persons house and my children being there without Bill or myself as wrong and dangerous (to them spiritually, mentally and emotionally) I however could not bring myself to tell this person the truth because it would hurt them tremendously. So, I left it as, "Hey, we're just weirdo's who aren't comfortable having the children go to other peoples houses without one of us present" Thankfully that was enough, but I know it will come up again. What would you do? Do you risk telling someone (who is VERY close, like a SIL?????) that you don't want your kids going there unsupervised, or do you continue to save face and just make it humorous and light?
I have my reasons and I know in my heart most of you would agree and feel the same.
(would you allow your 6yo dd to 'hang' with a teenage boy and possibly his friends, OR your 8yo ds to 'hang out' with teenaged boys, OR would you feel comfortable having you children exposed to violent verbal fights between a Mom and her son and sometimes the dad, OR explicit language, OR,,,arg the list goes on)
It's a tough situation and it's weighing on my shoulders very heavily.(*lightbulb*Duh!! Maybe that's why I'm having nightmares?!?!?!) I know that's not the only thing weighing on my shoulders, but it's stressful when you keep 'dodging' conversations and avoiding visits!!! The most hard part, is I really care about her, but we are just so different. Any advice????
I know I'm different, and quite frankly I don't really concern myself with it anymore, I used to be afraid of what everyone thought, now I don't care. In this secular world, it's tough. But you do the best you can, and I'm blessed to have a wonderful husband who is right on track with me (most of the time anyways!!!LOL)

Well, there's my small vent, haven't had one in awhile!!!LOL

I am going to try very hard to post my grocery list tomorrow night (it's the big one on Saturday)But we'll see, I'm in much dire need of sleep!!!LOL

PS. I wanted to share with you a wonderful page I found it clearly states what I believe and she (BlessedMama) has put it so wonderfully, I just had to share it!!!
God bless!!!