Monday, July 25, 2005

Change of Pace!!!

Well, it's my holidays!! Today I have officialy claimed as a lazy day, other than of course the normal daily things, I'm just floating through the day!!!

I forgot to write about what we did last weekend!!LOL (Bill and I)
We didn't go to the Stampede, it was just a lost cause. BUT, we did go see a movie!!!
We saw Star Wars: Episode 3!! That was a fantastic movie, I have never been one to really be into Star Wars, but now I am!!!LOL( besides, Hayden Christensen (aka: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader) IS nice to look at!!!ROFL!! He IS a Canadian!!!Born: April 19th 1981, in Vancouver British Columbia!!)

It was nice to be out with Bill, and apparently (according to my children) Bill and I are 'supposed' to go on another date VERY this weekend!!!LOL!!
So, we'll see....maybe I can talk Grandma into playing with the Grandchildren this Saturday!!!

As for this week, I'm just going to be enjoying my family. Wednesday we are heading over to Value Village, the children have some hard earned chore money to spend. I need to get my Miss mariah some new clothes!! I do believe she had a growth spurt!!!
Most of her pants are about an inch too short and her belly sticks out from her shirts!!LOL Which they should by all rights, seems how she is 14 months old and most of her clothes are 6-9mos!!!LOL I was also going to take her and get her weighed to see about doing a car seat rotation, but I decided that I'm just going to keep her rear facing for awhile longer, regardless. (Her rear-facing carseat is good to 22lbs) I know she is not 22lbs yet!!! Maybe 19lbs....maybe!!!

Tomorrow we are heading to the lake with good friends of ours, (who's oldest just turned EIGHT!!!!!LOL I used to change his diapers!!!ROFL!!!)Where did the time go, Kerri?????

Speaking about time, I do suppose I should get off this chair!!!LOL I do have to do a laundry switch (Yeah!) and, judging by the smell that is wafting from Mariah as she just crawled by......I have to change a diaper!!!LOL

Have a great Monday!!!
God bless!!