Friday, August 19, 2005

Guess What?????

It's FRIDAY!!!! LOL!!!

This has been a tiring week, one of those weeks where you keep thinking it's the next day but really it's still the day before...ugh!

The two kids I look after were sick with a stomach bug earlier this week, then the Mom shows up yesterday in jeans and a sweater......turns out she was sick all night as well as the Dad. So she was just going into work for a mandatory meeting then going home and back to bed. She says to me "Do you know how hard it is throwing up with kids running around?" Nope, actually I don't...grrrrr.....Apparently I think she forgets who she's talking too!!LOL Sheesh, it must be nice to be able to dump your kids off at the babysitters and go home and go back to bed when you're not feeling well, me personally, I have no recollection of that! Good grief, I even take care of THEIR kids when I'M not feeling well, I have never phoned in sick to them....ah well....perhaps I should start!?!? Ethically, I don't think it's fair to do that. I know for me, if I worked outside the home, even if I was home sick, I would still like to spend time with my kids. But there is nothing in my dayhome guidelines that I created that say differently, they have paid for the time, so what do ya do?!?!

I'm just praying that my kids don't get it...ewwww....five barfing kids....NO THANKS!!! Not only that, it's poor Robbie's b-day party tomorrow!!!

I don't know whether it's been the cooler weather or the full moon, but my kids have been crazy this week, anyone elses? They have fought, yelled and whined, with me and each other. Last night Robbie whined for over 4hrs about a little hotwheels car he had gotten while he was out with Daddy on Tuesday. I completely understand that this was a special car, but 4 HOURS!!! ARGH!!! I was honestly about ready to run full force into a brick wall!!! Turns out, that my darling Alex had it all along!! I don't think there is a word in the English dictionary that could describe my anger. I honestly think listening to a five-year-old whine should be considered a form of torture, it would have amazing effects on getting information out of someone!!!

Mariah is teething like crazy and has been a peach!! NOT!!!!
Kayla is back to peeing the bed, the only time she does that is when she is harbouring a UTI. She was having a temper tantrum in my room at 1:30 this morning because her jammies where wet as well as her bed. Me being awoken to screaming and stomping, took a few minutes to gather my thoughts, which in turn was a few minutes too long in her mind. The night before it was Robbie standing beside my bed having a temper tantrum because he had wet the bed AND could not fine that darn car!!

At least on our anniversary, Bill did not forget!!! He came home that day with roses!! That was nice, especially since it's been a tad rocky lately (that ties in with my emotional baggage from the previous week and this week)
We don't fight, we just mumble at each other. I don't know if that just comes with being married for awhile or what. Honestly, I don't have the time or energy to fight!!LOL He had asked if I thought it had been a good nine years of marriage so far, I said "Absolutely, an awesome nine years of marriage and an awesome 11 years of being together!!" He says "Are you sure we've been together that long??" LOL!!!
"Um, yes dear, we started dating in Aug.'94!!" LOL!! Dates are not his strongest point!!LOL

Okay, well I'm going to attempt to post in my food blog, as long as the children can remain occupied!!!
Have a blessed Friday dear Friends!!!
PS. Thanks so much for your kind words Cheryl!!! I'm praying for you and sending babydust your way!!!!