Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Still Freezing!!

But at least it's supposed to warm up by this weekend! Good thing, because we're having Robbie's b-day party at the lake on Saturday with Uncle Rob and Auntie Shellie and the girls!! We'll be celebrating K's 11th bday as well (Shellie and Rob's youngest dd)

THANKYOU MISTY!!!! Your card was beautiful (they always are!!!) What a wonderful talent the Lord has blessed you with!!!

Well today is mine and Bill's 9th anniversary, and do you want to know what I got?? A nice, big stuffy nose and a sore throat!! Hurray! The gift that just keeps giving!!LOL Started the Cold-FX this morning, does it work!?!? Dunno, but I've taken it the last few times I've felt a cold coming on and it hasn't amounted to much.

I have been getting emails asking what's wrong, (thanks Debbie!!LOL Get everybody in an uproar!!LOL j/k) There has just been a lot going on, kind of like when everything gets dumped on you emotionally. I don't want to go into it too much yet, but I will share some praise reports with you!!
- Mariah FINALLY took some steps (about 2wks ago, but took five steps to Bill last night)
-Mariah FINALLY got another tooth, her fifth!! Right beside her top left tooth.
-Managed to get my Homeschool cupboard somewhat organized!!LOL Now I just need to go supply shopping.
-My sister was in the hospital on Saturday night because she was bleeding, after an examination and some blood work, as well as an US the following morning, they could not figure out why she was bleeding. Baby is all snuggled in where he/she should be!!! He/she is approx the size of a raisin (slightly larger, I guess a plump raisin?!?!) I was proud of them, especially Brad. He was so worried he was sick to his stomach (no I wasn't proud of THAT!!LOL) but he took her in right away, and stayed by her side (even though he was freaked out!!) I talked to him later and he was worried, but calm for her. I think they both handled the crisis as good as one possibly can! (esp being 1st time parents!!)
-Robbie had the first of a series of assessments done yesterday. This 1st one was Audiology. He did excellent!! There are no concerns regarding his hearing!!!! PTL!!!
Now we just need to have the OT and the PT assessments done.

As for the other stuff, I just ask for your prayers.

Not much planned for the next few days. Grocery shopping on Friday night and birthday party Saturday!! Bill and I don't have much planned for tonight, no money or babysitter!!LOL Maybe a quiet night??

At any rate, I have to go check on the kids downstairs (it's become quiet) and make yet another cup of tea, and then I have to place my order from Pic 'n' Del I'm ordering my meat from there and a couple other things, then the rest I will get Friday night!
Maybe after I order, I can actually post something useful in my food blog!! I have been wanting to get it updated over there, with some new graphics and recipes........ah maybe one day!!LOL I get so many email requests for recipes and requests for food tips and questions, that I thought I would just dedicate an entire page to it!! We'll see!!

Okay, now there are a few arguments going on..........God Bless!!


Rebekah said...

Hi, Penny!!! Just checking in on you. Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry you're feeling icky but pray that the Lord touches you and makes you well very soon! I will be in prayer regarding your other issues as well. Have a blessed night, my friend. :-)

Cheryl said...

Hi Penny. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary and I'm glad that things are alright with your sister and her baby. I was reading through your site and found that we have a little bit in common. I, too, was in a car accident when I was almost 15 (July 1993) and sustained a mild brain injury. Since then I've also had to deal with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and frequent headaches. God has been using me in so many ways and it's funny how things work out! God bless you and your many children! I have two and am ttc#3.
Hoping for a girl!