Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is it night-time????

Cause I'm confused...........I mean the sun is down, the moon is's dark.........but alas, I have sick children who do not comprehend that slight fact.

Really in all actuality, it is not their fault. It really is hard to try and sleep with a clogged nose that keeps switching sides every time you roll over. It can drive one crazy having that nagging tickle in your throat every time you attempt to breathe in, which results in that dry hack.

Amazingly enough, no one has a fever. No one is barfing (except for Mariah, but I know that wasn't anything related to a stomach thing. When you haven't grasped the concept of blowing one's nose, eventually it's gotta go somewhere........)

At any rate, my children as sick as they are, are reaping the benefits of having a Mama who has barely a voice. They relish in the fact that I can't stand at the top of the stairs and holler down at them when they are acting like un-trained wild animals. They squeal with delight, in asking me the same question over and over again "What? I can't HEAR you" hahahaha.

They are on the tail end of this cold and are feeling much better. I can tell this because they no longer look at each other with empathetic eyes.

Today was one of 'those' days. The good news is, it's already tomorrow. Which means it's today, a new day! Yesterday, is the past.

I just gave everyone their midnight dose of Triaminic and Dimetapp for Mariah, I should be able to squeeze in about 5 hrs of, un-interrupted is the big question!

Well, I will take my rambling head to bed now, even if it is for a cat-nap!

Oh, I updated the food blog. Not with a grocery list though, but that's another story.

Have a blessed Thursday!!!


Sylvia said...

I am praying you and your family feel better soon. Take care. (((HUGS)))