Saturday, October 1, 2005

Overwhelmed, blessed and asking for prayer......


Have you ever had enough things go on in just a couple of days that feels like it should've been a week instead?
Well, that's been it here.

First, being overwhelmed. The middle of this week became a little too much for me emotionally. It was an extremely tight payday for Bill and I because of him missing a couple of days from work. I was not able to get groceries, which is a very bad thing around here. Not so much in the way of meat, but for bread and milk and 'fridge' stuff. I depend on this trip to re-stock the fresh stuff. I was so upset. Not to mention that next weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving and I wasn't going to be able to buy a turkey!! My children LOVE thanksgiving and it's a big deal to them, they all love stuffing the turkey and all the fixings. We set the table special and use the 'good' dishes and share what we are thankful for. I was SO devastated that I wouldn't be able to share that with them this year. It broke my mama heart, and the look on their faces when I told them that we wouldn't be having a turkey this year and that I wasn't sure I'd be able to get any groceries for at least a couple of weeks. UGH!

BUT!!! On Thursday night the children and I prayed and prayed and prayed for God's will to be done, I explained that we would still celebrate Thanksgiving and that is what God would want us to do!!
Bill and I decided to make use of the Interfaith Food bank (shhh, Bill would be upset if I shared that, if you know us in real life, please don't comment)before he went I prayed for God to please send food items we REALLY needed and if He felt led, if he could please send us some stuff to celebrate Thanksgiving.
I had a couple specific requests that I asked the Lord for (diapers for Mariah, cheeze whiz for Robbie, yogurt for all the kids and lot's of nutritious bread.)
We have such a loving Lord, my friends. He is so good. The Lord sent us 12 four packs of our absolute favorite yogurt, as well as 6 containers of our second favorite yogurt. He sent us 8 loaves of whole wheat bread. He sent us diapers for mariah and a 1kg jar of cheeze whiz!!!!Included was enough ingredients for to make all of our favorite side dishes, and everything needed to make apple and pumpkin pie. Hotdog buns to go with the hotdogs I had in my freezer. Potatoes, fresh garden lettuce, sandwich meat and milk and eggs!!! What a blessing!!!!

Then, I talked to my mom and she is a part of a produce co-op and receives a 35lb box of produce every month. Amazingly, there was a 40lb box of produce that was extra, so the people left it on her doorstep for her to bring to us!!! How neat is that???? They know she has 5 grandkids and they said they would love for us to have it!!! WOW!!!!

Then, Bill's parents are in town for MIL's operation (more about that below) we went to visit them today and she surprised me a birthday card and tucked inside was $20.00!! Enough to buy a TURKEY!!!! I also have a bit of money left over from a government check (GST. The rest has to cover my curriculum costs and Bill's vehicle registration) so I can get us our sparkling cranberry juice that we drink with thanksgiving and some coolwhip for the pies as well as some pie shells!!!

So you see, God provided in ways that I never imagined and what started out do bleak, became wonderful. I've just been sitting here truly amazed and feeling so tremendously blessed and in awe at the love of our Lord.
Praise be to the Lord!!!!

Now for my prayer request.

My MIL, 'W' is in town for very serious surgery. She has been walking around for the past 2 years with a severely broken hip, it has become completely removed for the joint and the only thing keeping it somewhat attatched is the pins she had in place from years ago when she broke it the first time. Not only is she having hip surgery, she is also having approx 50-60lbs removed for her gut area. You see, W is very obese and is approx 300-350lbs (I'm estimating here) overweight. Her health isn't the greatest, but she is finally well enough to undergo the surgery.
She is very anxious/excited and scared. She usually doesn't handle anesthetic that well, so this operation carries so many risks, but the risks are worth taking.

She is scheduled for the surgery on Tuesday Oct.5th, not sure of the time yet.
Please keep her in you prayers if you feel led, this is a wonderful woman who has been in excruciating pain for a number of years. She has not been able to walk on her own for quite sometime and has had to use a motorized scooter to get around.

please pray the Lord will watch over her and guide the doctors hands with care and skill. That she will handle the anesthetic and there will be no complications. That the surgery will be successful and she will heal quickly. That the cellulitis will not cause any grief before, during and after surgery.
We have a wonderful, loving God and He will prevail!!!!

I would also like to ask for prayer for another special family, our extended family. Shellie was in a car accident on the 16th, praise the Lord she is okay, however she is suffering from sever whiplash and has been in a lot of pain. There is also a lot of complications regarding the man who hit her (she was rear-ended) regarding insurance and his lack of it. This is causing a great deal of stress on them. Please pray for relief, in all areas of this for them. We love them very much, and we're so sorry that they're going through all this.

Now, I'm off to enjoy the ever-so-tasty popsicles we were blessed with, as I snuggle up on the couch with all of my most precious blessings of all!!!!
Have a blessed Lord's day and a wonderful evening!!!
God bless,


Kristie said...

Penny I was just about to post on my blog how awesome our God is. He is faithful and just. I am so glad that I decided to stop in here first. You are an inspiration to me. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I will keep your mil and friends in my prayers. May God continue to Bless you.
Kristie (TOK)

Sylvia said...

Hello Penny, God is so Good isn't he? I will pray for your MIL. Please take care. (((HUGS)))