Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Relieved and thankful

MIL surgery went wonderfully, I don't have much else to report yet as I only briefly talked to FIL a couple of hours ago. I also wanted to clarify, I misunderstood partially about her surgery today. The one she had done today was just strictly to remove her abdomen excess, NOT for the actual hip surgery. They have to wait for her to heal from today's operation before they can proceed with the hip.

I am so relieved everything went so well and no complications arose. Now we must pray for her to heal quickly and easily. It look as though Bill and I will be going up on Friday night to visit her...YEAH!!!! I can't wait, I'm so excited as to what the future will be for her after all this is said and done. She has missed out on so many things and just the simple things that so many of us take for granted.

While I can only imagine the agony of being seriously over weight, I do know how outside influences can hurt. Both MIL have a lot in common, my dealing with keeping the weight ON and her keeping it OFF. People always making comments about how skinny I am and if I ever eat, to her the comments about her being fat and does she ever stop eating. Both her and I speak VERY openly to each other about this kind of stuff and have always remained very honest about it to each other. When I'm stressed I revert back to an old pattern of starving myself, whereas when she is stressed, she can't get enough food.
True, I rarely get laughed at in public (about my size anyways....other things...most likely LOL) where she had to deal with comments almost regularly and the snide remarks people would make thinking she couldn't hear them. It makes me so mad and disgusted at those ignorant folk. I guess it just makes me so upset because I know what she truly is and what a kind and generous, loving person she is.
Of course I forgive all of those who are intolerant of someone who is different than them, God knows best and He will show them at some point in their lives a lesson in humanity.

I remember when I was younger and lived at home, my mom used to take in severely handicapped children every second weekend for respite care. We had one little girl who had a cleft lip and a cleft palate as well as something called Trisomy 18 and had severe facial deformities. Let me tell you, she was the sweetest thing. So loving and just a beautiful spirit within. But, she was hard to look at for someone not used to this and lacking the ability to see past the misplaced nose and odd shaped eyes and webbed toes and fingers, and it used to tear me up inside when we would all go out on an excursion (we also had a Downs Syndrome girl, a little girl with Spina Bifida and a little girl with FAS as well as being Microcephalic(small head and brain) and some times we also had a little boy who had FAS as well)

I grew up with special needs children, so from ever since I can remember, I've always known that people are different on the outside, but if you take the time, they're wonderful individuals on the inside. So, when I'm around someone who doesn't see through the deformities or disability, I get frustrated. But God has placed it in my heart to forgive those who only see the outside, not everyone had the privilege to grow up as I did (yes, part of childhood truly has benefited me in adulthood!!!)

All of God's children come in different packages, God loves us all despite any imperfections or flaws we may have. I think we could all do with looking at the world through the Lord's eyes once in awhile and if you're lucky, you just might make someone's day and if you're really lucky, you might just make a new friend!!!

So please, if your out shopping and you see a person who is different, be it the color of their skin or the shape of their face or the way they walk or talk, remember what I said and take it to heart. Smile and say "Hi!" or offer a helping hand. Take the few seconds to stop and look at this person how Jesus would, you could make someone's day and you'll make your day too!!!

I remember a little while ago while I was grocery shopping and I had Mariah, Kayla and Alyssa with me. There was a man and a lady and they were with a man whom I'm guessing had Cerebal Palsy. He was so excited to see a baby and the couple were trying very hard to rush him away. I walked over with Mariah and asked him if he would like to say hello to her and his face lit up, as did Mariah's! He was such a kind man and was so tickled that she was smiling and chattering to him. Kayla and Alyssa both said hello too and the smile on his face was beyond words. The couple were shocked that I would take my baby anywhere near him!!! It's a moment that I hope he can remember for a long time, because I know I will.

My Dad always used to say, "All of God's children draw red blood if cut open" I didn't quite understand what it meant until I was older, and now I pass that down to my children.

I will post later if I hear back from FIL, until then, God bless you all, my brothers and sisters!!!


Sylvia said...

Praise the Lord! I am glad you updated. You are an excellent writer Penny. I will continue to pray for your MIL. Take care.

Misty said...

This post made me cry. Having a mentally challenged child I can fully empathize with everything you said. LOVE YOU! Muah!