Friday, September 23, 2005

Remember me?!?!?!!?!?

Goodness, did y'all think I fell off the face of the planet? I sure *feel* like I did!!!LOL

I don't think I have ever been so busy in my life.........this coming from a Mama with five kids....LOL!!But in all honesty, it has been crazy! Homeschooling is going wonderfully, we've had some challanges, but I fully expected those. Namely they've centered around Alex and the fact that he HAS to do the work whether he WANTS to or not. I really regret ever sending him to school last year........I guess God wanted me to appreciate homeschooling a bit more than I did!!

Alyssa and Robbie are doing really well, and are enjoying themselves immensly!!Even Kayla is having fun doing her *school work*!!

Unfortunately, Bill came down with a really bad virus (a bit worse than a cold) and was sick for the majority of the past weekend and this week. Add on that the little girls I look after have a cold and now over the course of a few days, Kayla, Mariah, Alyssa and just tonight Robbie and Alex are all showing signs of some sort of bug. Kayla's little nose and chest sound clogged and the rest have that lovely runny nose and a sore throat....yay........what better way to spend the weekend?!?!?LOL
five sick kids and a sick husband!!WHOOHOO!!!..........NOT!!!
But alas, it is that time of year!!!

The sale was fun, I really enjoyed the time with my sister. I did get some pants for Alyssa and I found her a pair of PJ's, I found quite a few prs of sleepers/jammies for Mariah and a couple outfits for her as well. I wish I could've found more outfits for her, but all the sizes seemed to be newborn-12mo and then a jump to size 2!! She's right smack in a size 12mo-18mo, although a couple of the sleepers I got her are a 12mo!!LOL Thank goodness for Wal-Mart and their cute jogging suits for $6.97-$9.97!!!! I also found Mariah 2 snowsuits, one for in the stroller (it's a nice suede-like material and has the button on booties, not good for playing in the snow!!LOL) and then an actual snowsuit for snow-play. I also found a pair of boots for Alyssa, so now I only need to buy some for Robbie and Alex and Mariah. Everyone is covered in the hats/mitts/scarves department....whew! Now watch it won't snow until Januaury!!!ROFL!!!

Well, I'm needed in Kayla's room....perhaps maybe I'll get some sleep at some point in time!! PFFFFT!!! Thank goodness the kids have tomorrow off of school.......maybe I can get some laundry done......maybe!!!!!!

Wanted to add:
My thoughts and prayers are with all who are in Hurricane Rita's path, may the Lord keep you all safe.

Goodnight and God bless,


Sylvia said...

Hello Penny, I am so glad you posted. Hope everyone is feeling better. We are all fine here in Central Texas, we won't feel much of anything of the hurricane. Take care.

Misty said...

Hi Penny,

I hope you had a good birthday. THanks for updating. I worry about you when you don't update!