Thursday, September 1, 2005


Yup, had to change things around here a bit!! It's my favorite time of the year!! From September 1st until January 1st, Im in love!! I cannot be more happier...did I mention I love this time of year?!?!LOL

First and Foremost:
PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY for all of Katrina's victims. What a tragedy and I cannot express into words how saddened I am. PLease pray that all of the relief efforts made by Red Cross and FEMA and other groups will reach everybody in time.

This week has been pretty much normal around here, busy as usual. I ended up with today and tomorrow off, as well as I have the Monday off for Labor Day. So that is nice. I've been busy getting the 'school room' (read:our formal dining room off the living room) organized to make room for all our curriculum that will be arriving on the 9th!!! I'm so excited, I just love homeschooling!!! It is so much more relaxed around here. I will be going out this weekend to pick up some school supplies, it's nice because everybody can share!!!
I will be updating the children's blog with all their school data, and their progress. I think this might put Nana and Papa's minds at ease. This way they too can keep up with what their grandchildren are doing, you know because I'm not a professional teacher and all!!!ROFLMBO!!!!

My sister is feeling a bit better, she's coming up to just about 10wks. Her morning sickness is still there, but she's learning to cope!! She is hopefully going to come for a visit next week. HURRAY!!!

On the 17th it's time again for the used toy and clothing sale!!! I will be going it this season....gotta clear out some of Robbie's clothes and Alyssa desperately needs some pants!!!LOL I love the UTACS, I haven't missed one yet!!!

Well, my children are playing outside right now. What are they doing, you might wonder? They are digging a huge hole in the ground and are making Midnight Pie. Do I know what Midnight Pie is? Nope. Do I know why they're digging a hole? Nope. Are they happy and not fighting? YES!!!

I do believe it will be bathtime.......again.

OH!!!OH!!! Big NEWS!!! Mariah got another tooth on her bottom left and she has been walking around the living room!!! Her talking ability has really sprouted too!!
She can now say:
Hi, Bye, Mommy, Daddy, suckie, baba, alex, alyssa, robbie, kayla, kitty, more, done, sit down, NO!, and the most recent 'wonderful' word taught to her by robbie: Shut-Up.
Nice huh? They thought it was hilarious teaching her words and having her repeat them. Robbie started saying "Shut-up" (not to her, just to see if she would say it back)So now my super cute, 15mo toddles around saying"shaw-up".
Proud Mama am I!!

God Bless!!


Sylvia said...

Hello Penny! I love your new look. I love the autumn and winter. Hope all is well. Take care.