Sunday, December 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!!

Alyssa turned 7 today!! WOW! Such a big girl!!

Quick update because I am exhausted, all the kids are sick and all at once. I guess it's a good thing that it's now instead of a week from now!!

I'm so behind on everything, my kitchen is a disaster as is the rest of the house.UGH! I can't function when it's like this, it drives me crazy!

I also had to go to the clinic yesterday.....had lot's of ear/throat pain, turns out I have an ear infection!! Good grief!!

My sister is back home yet again. The poor girls has been to the hospital twice since she was let go after her surgery. Apparently the little man is trying to be an escape artist! The first time she was having contractions 4min apart and they were able to stop them. Then this morning she started bleeding and was having contractions again, so back to the hospital they go. They managed to stop the contractions again, but she was let go tonight with the understanding that she needs to REST!!!
please keep them in your prayers. She is 24wks along, so it is not time for baby to come out yet, no matter how badly HE wants to!!

Well, I'm off to HOPEFULLY get a few hours of sleep, thank goodness the kids are all done school until Jan.9th!!
Unfortunately I have to do something with Mount Laundry that has taken over my bed before I can crawl into it!!!GRRRRR!! I hate it when I do that!
Oh, I updated the food blog with our Christmas Menu, I will try to get the recipes up here in the next day or two....hopefully!!!

Have a blessed Monday!!


Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday, Alyssa!!!! I hope it was a blessed one! Have a wonderful week, Penny!!