Thursday, December 1, 2005

Happy December 1st!!!!


Whew, okay you know what I'm going to say, don't you???LOL Yes, BUSY!
It's only going to get busier as time marches on, so much baking and wrapping and baking and visiting and baking.....did I mention baking??
This is my FAVORITE time of year, I have my Christmas candles lit, Christmas music playing (I LOVE listening to my CD that Misty sent me last year, I listen to it over and over and sometimes I just put song#1 on repeat!!LOL) It's called angels and it's by Mary beth Carlson. We of course have the Disney DVD of Christmas carols playing as well!!

Everyone is doing pretty good, I'll give brief updates on everyone below in a sec.

Bill & Me
We're doing really good, Bill has been having some frustrations at work, but overall he's doing good. I'm doing pretty good too. Having some issues with sleep again *sigh* But what can you do? I just plug along and use my pain meds as needed, which thankfully isn't that often!! Nothing like before!!

Parents and In-laws
Well, my Mom is doing pretty good considering. She was very sick and developed a fever this time while sobering up, not good. She's still awaiting an appointment to get in for her CT scan, hopefully very soon.
Bill's Mom is doing so-so. The poor woman has had umpteen complications since surgery. Mostly drainage, but more recently a blood clot in her lung. Apparently they (the docs) are waiting to see if the Heparin(sp?) will dissolve the clot (this was the last I'd heard)

Kandie & Brad
Well, praise be to Him they are going to be blessed with a little BOY!!!!
The other good news......on the 29th they are moving into the townhouses where Bill and I first started out and the greatest's about a 20min walk away from me!!!!!!!!WHOOHOO!!! I am so EXCITED!!!!!!!

He's been a bit bonkers lately. I'm trying to cut out preservatives and artificial colors and such out of his diet (the other kids too) but boy oh boy is THAT expensive! We have an appointment on the 13th with the specialist, so we'll see how that goes. He's developed two new twitches which have made doing some of his school work difficult (Praise the Lord for homeschooling) one has been off and on in his hand and the other has been ongoing with eyes/face. The more angry or excited he get's, the more prominent they are. His poor little mouth is just filled with canker sores right now, so I may have Bill take him tomorrow afternoon to see if there is something else I can put on them to ease the pain.
He's doing fabulous grade wise in school. I've been given permission to right Alex's answers for him because of his eyes doing wonky things to him. But he pulled in with three B's (all of which were within a one to three percent margin of being A's) and one A!!!
He's VERY excited to being let out on school holidays a week earlier than most kids!
He also had a wonderful birthday and is happy to be 9.....finally!!!LOL
Mama's a little sad to see her firstborn growing up.......this past month he has started using deodorant.....*sigh*

WOW! My goodness has she ever done some growing up, emotionally!!! She has been showing such kind and wonderful ways lately. She is almost always eager to please and do her school work, most often without my asking. She also has been enjoying decorating for the holidays and of course the baking!!!
She is doing amazing with her schooling and managed to pull in Straight A's!!!
She has a hard time taking a day off and can often be found still doing a worksheet or two long after school is over!!LOL
She still hasn't lost that tooth and will not let me near it. I'm afraid it will fall out in her sleep!!!LOL
She's eagerly awaiting her birthday and is anxious to be seven.

Here's another one who has been busy growing up!! We had to stop Robbie's OT and PT therapy due to Bill's shift change, but he's been doing wonders with us at home and should be starting on speech in January. He has been doing SO well in school it's amazing!!! Right now, he has mastered to read simple words and do phonetics all on his own. He has also mastered adding and subtracting using his fingers up to the number 10. After being evaluated by Mrs. Seamans, Robbie will be registered in Grade one next year, but will be doing the grade two curriculum.......because he's doing some of it now as well as a lot of the grade one stuff!!
Robbie's big news was that he finally has his own room now!! I sectioned off a corner in the basement (where he and Alyssa shared and Alex's room is) that is now his very own area!! He was ever so happy to have this, because bless her heart, Alyssa is a slob!! Robbie is a far cry from that and has his room set in a very straight and orderly manner.


Kayla has been busy too. She's doing really well with her numbers and letter recognition as well as learning to draw shapes. Her most favorite activity is cutting and let me tell you she will cut for HOURS and leave a massive mound of teeny tiny white squares all over the floor!!!LOL
She is slowly cutting back on her bottle (I'm in no hurry, what's the point?!?!?) I think she has maybe one or two, mostly when she's tired. We're no where near cutting out the suckie though!!!LOL
She has discovered a love for the outside, just like her older brother (Alex) and many times after school her and Alex are happy to go out and play.

My baby is really turning into a toddler now, at 18mos she has a mind of her own and has no fear of letting her desires be known!!! She is such a happy little one though and walks around offering hugs to all her siblings and then slobbers them with wet kisses!! (which they all declare as gross and disgusting....uh-huh....that's why they giggle and ask for more!!LOL)She understands everything I say to her, and talks non-stop and repeats almost everything I say. Especially if I'm giving the olders a STERN talking to!! I love it how she has to tuck everyone in before she'll go to bed peacefully, she's a girl who likes her routine. First we say night-night to Alyssa (hug and kiss, see you in the morning, I love you), then we go onto Robbie, then onto Alex and then we head upstairs to tuck Kayla in. The Mariah will be ready for sleepies. Her and I have a special routine as well, a big hug in which her little fingers play with my hair (which is usually in a ponytail) and I tell her the same things we told her siblings, then she gives my three kisses (everytime!!) one on each cheek and then the lips, then she falls asleep tucked all sweetly into her bed.
She's reaping a lot from the homeschooling as well, she is able to count to four now, and knows the letter 'A'. She's also getting pretty good with the colors blue and yellow and drawing circles!!

Well, that about wraps things up! Now I have to head on over to the kitchen and clean up...ick! I was being lazy tonight. I'm wondering if I'm coming down with a cold and good 'ol AF is due here pretty quick....add onto the fact that my legs are sore....blech!

Anyways, I will try to be back in bewtween!
Take care and God's blessings to you all this wonderful time of year!!


Misty said...

I am SO glad you updated! Woo Hoo! Glad to hear everyone is doing OK. I miss you girl!

Sylvia said...

Hello Penny! So glad you updated. I miss your posts, but I understand you are busy. Happy to hear everyone is doing well. Please take care. Come by for a visit sometime.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that you haven't updated your food blog. I like your recipes and enjoy comparing grocery trips.

Veronica said...

Hey Penny! Glad everything is going okay. Take care and God bless.