Wednesday, December 21, 2005


WHEW! So many things running through my mind.

Baby Hunter is hanging in there, he's run into a few obstacles. No word yet on the infection. He does have some blood on his brain, they rate this on a scale of 1-5, 1 being minimal and 5 being major. Hunter is at a 2 right now. This is still 'safe' they are being told.
He is peeing!! This is a good sign. He's also still doing quite a bit of breathing on his own, another good sign.

My sister is having a rough time, but you can imagine what she's going through, especially if you're a Mama. Oh, how I feel for her. It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear her so sad and feeling helpless. Don't get me wrong, she's being strong, but it's still rough. I mean, she has the urge and the need to pick him up and snuggle him close, all the things we get to enjoy with our newborns. Yet, she can't, she can only reach through and stroke his little fingers and legs. I wish I was there with her, just to hold her. I know she really needs that. Our Mom just isn't much of a help in that department. Brad is doing good, but it's just not the same as that female connection. Some have it with their mothers, but her and I have it with each other.

I try so hard not to break down on the phone with her, but that lump in my throat just swells more and more. I don't know what to say, I can't say I know exactly how she feels, only what I can imagine she feels. We try to avoid the what if's, and focus on the good things. We both know it's reality, but if even just for that second we can forget it and just talk about the future and what little Hunter will do!!

I'm really hoping to go spend the day with them on Friday, have lunch and coffee with my sister and visit with my nephew. Let him know that his auntie loves him very much as do his uncle and cousins. Let him know that we can't wait to see him running around and doing all those toddler things and chasing his cousins around.
I will take pictures and post some as soon as I am able, with of course Christmas pictures.

Gosh, Christmas keeps getting closer and closer and I'm not near done what I had wanted. I think tomorrow will be a finish up the baking day. I had to cheap out on a few things. Usually I bake my cinnamon buns from scratch, but this year, they are coming out of a can and I fear I may hear giggle and whoo-hoo as I open the can!
My gingerbread is coming out of a tube and the sugar cookies will come out of a package. But, oh well, it's the way it goes sometimes. I will be making the shortbread from scratch because somehow I always manage to mess up the packaged mixes!! Go figure! The kids seem to be getting over their colds really well. Bill is feeling as though he is coming down with it, me, I'm praying that I will be able to stay healthy so that I can go and visit Kandie and Hunter!!

Well, I suppose I should really tuck myself into bed.
Please keep Kandie, Brad and of course baby Hunter in your thoughts and prayers.
Tonight or tomorrow, do me a favor.........if you have little ones, give them an extra snuggle and kiss, they are such precious blessings.
God bless,


Rebekah said...

I love you, dear sister and will be in prayer for your family. I'm so very, very sorry. :( :( **HUG**