Thursday, January 12, 2006

Moving s-l-o-w-l-y today

Could somebody PUHleeeease send me some motivation because mine has clearly wandered off somewhere!!!

This must be a fibro-fog because I feel worse than a blonde normally does....worse than a blonde space cadet...worse...well you get the drift.Not too mention the fog that comes with being pre=menstrual...ugh
It should be an interesting school day!!LOL

Not much else going on. Brad comes back tonight, so Bill will be grabbing him from the bus station when his bus comes in. Kandie is excited and rightfully so!! She had a rough night last night, poor girl. So much emotional stress...oh yeah...not to mention that my mother phoned her on Tuesday night all drunk and telling her all this stuff about how she had lost a baby (my mom miscarried at 12wks when she was 17) and THEN tells her that she's in a lot of pain and her stomach is swollen and THEN says "Whatever happens, I love you girls, always remember that" SHEESH and THEN, my mom drops the phone and it goes silent....welllll...what would one think?!?!?!

So my poor sister tries calling her back, but of course it goes straight into voice mail because she hasn't actually HUNG up the phone. So this is the point where my sister calls me, we decide that Kandie will call the police and have them go check things out. The police do and amazingly my mom had answered the door (I didn't think she would) they see the trouble she's in and call the paramedics, who then transport her to the hospital. Anyways, long story short, she was back home on Wednesday morning saying that she really needs to get into counseling. Apparently, according to my mother, the docs said that her pancreas is swollen. A more logical scenario that I believe happened...she checked out of the hospital A.M.A as soon as she started to sober up a bit and realize that they were going to be doing tests.

So, who knows what is going to happen with that deal. *sigh* My sister did go up to the hospital to see her when she arrived, but came home shortly after.

Bill's lower back is doing a little better, he goes to see the doctor tomorrow, but now his upper back has been bothering him. We received a little bit of money from workers comp for two days...but we really need the $$$ from the week Bill lost. I'm praying it arrives today or tomorrow....we really need to get some groceries!!!

Oh, I added another link just below the FlickR link. It has some of my OLD pics in it back from when I was pg with Mariah...*giggle*

Well, let's see, it's now almost 10am and I started this around 9am!!LOL

Hopefully it makes sense!!

Have a blessed Thursday!!!