Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Our Morning Routine!!

Okay, so both Chris over at the Big Yellow House and Carmen over at Mom to the Screaming Masses have decided to write up their morning routines for today's Wednesday Essay and heading Chris invitation, I figured I'd climb on board and bore you all to tears with my morning routine, with the five kiddo's, because it is a question that I get asked, oh let's say every few days!! By both cyber people and real life people (not saying that you cyber people aren't of the human group!!LOL)

So anyways, here it is!!

6am:Usually all the kiddo's are up between this time and 6:30. Some mornings (like today) they're up at 5:30am. I try to stay in bed until Mariah wakes up, but it's hard when kids come strolling in to ask questions and to tattle or give me a picture. Most mornings and what is posted on our schedule is that they are to read quietly until 7am, or draw or do puzzles....but you know how it is!! I get up shortly before 7am MOST mornings (although lately it's been at 6am) and do my morning routine, not that I get much 'bathroom time', so I usually just toss my hair in a pony, brush my teeth and splash some water on my face and throw on some deodorant and mascara (what a combo, eh?)everyone's clothes are all laid out at night for the next day (yes, even mine!!LOL)so everything is ready to go for them after.....

7am:This is when we start breakfast if they haven't already gotten theirs earlier. This is when I make a nice BIG pot of coffee and fill my sink with hot soapy water for the morning dishes. My guys (like Carmen's) LOVE their hot breakfasts, so we have eggs, or toast or French Toast that I have pre-made in the freezer or pancakes. Their all time favorite and the usual is Oatmeal and fruit and yogurt. Cold cereal is always available, and someone usually has a bowl of some along with their hot breakfast. Then we get cleaned up and all the dishes get tossed into the sink to soak. (because stuck on oatmeal really is not fun!!)Everyone is also supposed to get hair and teeth brushed afterwards and then get dressed.

8am:This is when the kids do a quiet activity or clean their rooms if needed. Beds get made and so on. For me, this is when the two little girls I look after arrive and then I get my first load of laundry of the day in the washer. I put the finishing cleaning touches on the kitchen and get my 'control journal' out and take a peek of what the day entails. This has all my 'stuff' in it, my to do list, and most importantly what we're doing in school today and what each child needs to complete. It also has any phonecalls I need to make and all that great stuff.
At 8:30, the school aged little girl leaves for school and I start getting all the school stuff organized (and make another big mug of coffee!!) for......

9am:Time for school!!! And we slowly make our way into our school stuff for the day!! If hubby is on days (like right now) he's usually left at some point during the morning kafuffle, after I get everyone set up in their work, I try to sneak on here and read and write in blogs, answer emails. If hubby is on nights, well he's usually sleeping and I can't get on the 'puter until later in the afternoon. (our 'puter is in our bedroom)

So, there it is!! Not that exciting hey?!?! It's basically the same every morning. Of course there's always the fights and the "I can't find this or that", but it's pretty basic!!

Have a blessed day!! I must go and supervise academics...*grin*


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that! WOW, you are so organized. Give yourself a pat on the back!
In Him,

NannyOgg said...

Wow, you are way more organized than I am! Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your routine. Still waiting for you grocery list and meal plan.