Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What does a 9yo do with an eraser he no longer needs???


I'll tell you what he does, he launches it in his ear, cause you know, that's the best place to shove something when you no longer need it!!

I thought it strange when Alex kept asking me questions yesterday afternoon about people putting things in their ears and what could happen.
Finally, after he had asked for like the third time, I got a little suspicious!!

Sure enough, there was an eraser chunk filling his ear canal, and of course he must've tried to dig it out because it was really smushed in there. I tried to see if I could get it out, but I wasn't gonna mess around with his ear. So Bill got to take him to the clinic and have it removed....LOL!!

I'm feeling a bit better and just wanted to let everyone know (because I was bombarded with emails!!!LOL) Definitely not pregnant....Definitely!! AF just dropped by on the 10th and my days are typically 32-33 days, so nope!! I'm pretty sure it's a bug, and I've been on a bleach frenzy so as to hopefully not get anyone else sick, that and scrubbing my hands!!LOL Thankfully, I've managed to prevent any barfing. And I will leave it at that because this post could turn really gross in a split second and I really don't want to gross any of you out!!!LOL

My sister came over last night to do her laundry. I LOVE having her so close!! Seriously, I know some families can't stand some of their family members and siblings, but not me!! I adore my sister and I think it's really nice that we can have a relationship now as sisters, instead of the mother/sister one that was apparent when I lived at home. We are so different and yet very much alike!!
Please keep them in your prayers, days are still hard and nights are even more so. Especially when Brad is up north.

Well, I'm off to attempt having some sort of a productive day and praying for no one to be launching any miscellaneous items in orifices!!!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!


Michelle said...

Enjoyed your post...I found your blog on the MOMYS digest tonight! I have an almost 3 year old that is a likely candidate for doing what your son did :-)...I've always said he'll definitely be the reason for our first trip to the emergency room :-). Glad your son is ok!!!