Wednesday, February 1, 2006


Well, it's Wednesday again and Chris and Carmen have come up with today's topic: ORGANIZATION!!

Now those of you who know me IRL, know that I am a freak with this...I LOVE BEING ORGANIZED....LOVE IT!!! Seriously, I get a rush, a high if you will, being organized.
Unfortunately, I am the only one besides Robbie who was blessed with this gene.
Everyone else could care-less, which frustrates me somedays!!

First, in my kitchen:
I have everything organized according to type of food and it's purpose. All the labels must be English facing out. In my fridge, the milk must always be on the left hand side...LOL
I most often do OAMC, so all of my meals are pre-cooked and organized in my freezer and labeled with what side-dish to make with it. This is for 30days. I grocery shop every 2wks and have my master grocery list that I use for making my list that I will take with me to the store.
All of my files and important papers are all neatly kept in the Mama's Command Center in my kitchen.Each month's receipts and bills are kept there as well.
I have the main calendar posted on the fridge, with all those nifty stickers.
I am in the process of re-doing everyone's chores (I do this every couple of months) but they are usually posted on a big sheet of paper on the bottom portion of the fridge. Each child is color coded and has their own 'zone'
I also keep a copy of everything in my Control journal. I also aim to have my kitchen clean and ready to go for the next morning, if I'm really all the ball, I will have all the bowls/cups and utensils out for breakfast.
The bills and payments and important papers organizer, each slot holds receipts and bills for that month
bills and other payments{open}

bills and other payments{closed}
We have a formal dining room just off the living room, so this is our school room. I have everything organized in a very large cabinet as well as the drawers in my china cabinet. Our wipeoff board fits neatly beside the two, so I can pull out if need be during our lessons.
Jan31st 035Jan31st 022

In the bathroom (we only use the main one and the other two are used for 'emergencies') We use the space behind the door for the towels, each child has a special towel that has their names on it as well as their names are labeled on the door where they hang them. There are baskets above the toilet for facecloths and handtowels, as everyone just uses a new one each day.
Toothbrushes and toothpaste are all in a basket on the counter and spare bathtowels are kept in the cabinet below the sink. Shampoos and other odds and ends are kept in an oversized basket on the top shelf above the toilet.
behind bathroom door, towel organization

face cloths and extra shampoo's etc

All my laundry happens on schedule, each day of the week has it's own loads to be done, so I have bins that are on the floor in the basement (where my laundry room is) that are for each 'color'. Before bed each night, everyone tosses their dirties into the proper bin.
the dirtly clothes area

Each child has their own room, so it's pretty lax in there. They each have bins for all their different treasures and shelves for their special books (we have a central shelf for family books and books we read during school or at night)They must do a general tidy before bed or in the morning before school. Saturday is major clean day and that is when we wash windows/mirrors and dust and vacuum and sheets and towels are done every Friday.
Before bed they must have their clothes layed out for the next day, sock, undies and pants/shirt etc.


books, cd's, DVD's and puzzles

So, there it is. I won't bore you with anymore, because I could ON and ON about this!!LOL

I will post some pics ASAP!!
God Bless!!!


S'te said...

Sounds like you've got it all together on the organization. Maybe you can come to my house and help me out!!

Anonymous said...

I aggree with the comment above Once again you have amazing me