Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Friday!!!

Whew! I think I'm all ready for Spring now around here!!LOL

As you've probably noticed as well, we are expecting!!! I am SOOOOO excited!!
The kids are too, actually they're REALLY excited and telling everyone they see!!LOL
This little bean is due to arrive around Nov.22nd, however because I am usually induced, it will most likely be the Saturday before that.

I can tell you, it is amazing how quickly you forget just how TIRED you get!!LOL
Other than that, I feel real good. If I am to get morning sickness, it usually makes it debut sometime around 6wks and usually hits me at night.

I'm pretty pleased, I managed to get three shirts and one pair of jeans, all maternity for 97.00 CAD. They are all from Old Navy and Thyme and all are brand new with tags!!Whohoo!!I told the lady that I would be back in a couple weeks (got to save up again!!!LOL) to get a few more items. I also have to get poor Mariah some spring/summer clothes!!!LOL The poor kids has nothing!!LOL At least she is finally out of her 12-18mth stuff, she can still wear a few things that are 12mos though!!LOL
But mostly she's into the 18-24mth sizes, it's about time since she's going to be *2* in May!!! We go for her shots on the 30th. I'm so glad I postponed her immunizations, and of course we will skip out on the 'POXIE' shot!!!

All the other kids are doing great, finally getting over their various virus's!
I will have to go through their closets soon to and see what they have and what they need. I usually do all the kids one at a time and take inventory of what they need and I start with the youngest. I give myself a few days to complete the process!!

I can't believe it's Spring already on Monday!! Not that you'd know it by looking outside here!!LOL

Well, I'm going to upload a couple pics into Flickr and then make myself a big yummy snack and park my butt in front of the TV!!
Have a great weekend!!
God bless!!


Sandi said...

CONGRATULATIONS PENNY!!! I have really missed reading your great blog, glad to see you back. Praying for a happy, healthy pregnancy.


Ann said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you.Praying for a safe and healthy preganacy!!! God Bless!!

Misty said...

WooHoo! Congratulations Penny. How exciting. I am so jealous.

Veronica said...


God bless,