Monday, March 27, 2006

Morning sickness?!?!?! HA!!!!

I laugh at the term, why, you are asking yourself, because it should be called ALL-DAY-NAUSEA-THAT-WILL-DRIVE-YOU-INSANE!!LOL

I can tell you all right now that it is a VERY safe bet to say that this little bean is a BOY! I would even be confident enough to say that if I am wrong I will lick a metal pole in the winter!!LOL

I only get this nauseous with my boy pgs, and just for the fun of it, yes I have been wrong before about the gender of my babies........ONCE!!!LOL Poor Robbie spent 35 weeks of his prenatal life being called a her and a she and a baby girl. I even went so far as to put all baby girl clothes in 'his' dresser and pack newborn baby girl clothes for the hospital trip. The only reason I found out was because I was having some pretty strong braxton hicks contractions and I was measuring big, so the doc wanted me to go for an ultrasound to check on things in there, mostly the amniotic fluid levels. Well, while I'm laying there I'm asking the tech if 'SHE' is alright and how is 'SHE' doing and she is getting a very strange look on her face and I am beginning to get a little nervous. So, I ask if everything is alright and she says "Um, yes the baby is alright, but were you told you are having a girl?" I answer "Oh no, the baby wouldn't cooperate so I'm going on my intuition, why?" she says "Well, your baby girl has testicles!!" I couldn't believe it!! I was wrong!!!
And only had about 2 weeks to figure things out!!LOL

But, that was the only time, every other time I've been right. In hindsight, I should've known that Robbie was a boy, it was such a boy pg. I had horrible morning sickness (but not terrible like some women I know, I don't throw up or VERY seldom with mine, just nauseous and watery mouthed)I had a clear face, my belly didn't pop out sooo quickly and my boobs were in excruciating pain!!LOL All which was there with Alex too!

My girls make me pop right out and my boobs aren't so bad, but my face looks like the moon with all it's craters!!LOL

So, if the past predicts the future, this little blessing is a boy and I am perfectly content with that! :o)
It's been awhile since I've had a baby boy and been peed on!!LOL

Thankfully my morning sickness peaks in the afternoon and evening, but it's tolerable in the morning, so I'm able to get school done, dinner ready and anything else that requires bending/smelling/concentrating!!LOL
Also, my morning sickness usually dissipates around weeks 10-12, so only another 6 weeks tops to go....I can do it!!! It's all for a good reason!! now if only Bill would stop making fun of me, he thinks morning sickness is hilarious...yeah I know....real funny. I think what made him find it so funny is because when I was pg with Alex we stopped for some gas and I was waiting in the car while Bill pumped. The smell of the gasoline and all the exhaust was too much so I flung open the door and heaved and chucked in one of those garbage cans that are between the pumps. Of course it would be a busy Saturday afternoon, and of course I don't puke quietly.....ugh....I was so embarrassed!!LOL Ever since then Bill reminds me of that day and how FUNNY it of these days!!!!LOL

Some how I have to make it to get some groceries this Saturday, I have no idea how I'm going to pull it off. I would order, but I really need to get into a store and I think I'm going to try and hit Superstore. So we'll see what happens!!

Oh and Mariah has her 18mo vax's on Thursday, that ought to be fun!! I am curious to see how much she weighs tho, we still have her in her rear facing car seat! I'm not in any rush to switch her either. I think she might be around a 14-15 month old size in weight and height, but we'll see!!

Well, I'm off to finish up a few things and maybe try some electrolytes to beat this nausea......I really need Salt 'n' Vinegar chips....those are my all time nausea buster...but I don't have any...boohoo. :o(

Have a Great Tuesday and God Bless!!!

Well, now that I have rambled on about