Friday, March 31, 2006

Still feeling barf-a-lactic

5 and half more weeks...tops!!!! I can do it!!LOL

Here's some pics to share, remember me telling you about the few maternity clothes I bought, here they are!!

New Maternity Clothes

There are still a few things I am going to buy next payday.

Mariah did pretty good at her vax appt yesterday. At 22mos, she weighs 23lbs and she is 32" tall!! we have officially switched her to her forward facing carseat!!YIPPEEE!!!

Well, I must go and get supper going for the STARVING children, they seem to have worked up quite an appetite playing outside all afternoon!!

Here's a goofy sister pic to close!! Have a great weekend!!!

Goofy sisters!!

~God Bless!!!


Ann said...

The clothes are cute. Have a wonderful day!!