Monday, March 20, 2006

OH!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

You must read this!!! If you're a homeschooler or want to be or think it's crazy....this is for you!!!

No thank you! We don't believe in Socialization!!

I love the fact that we homeschool more and more everyday, the thought of putting my kids back in school EVER makes me queasy. It brings complete joy to my heart WATCHING my children learn the way they were meant to. I love to see Alyssa curled up on the couch with Robbie helping him with his reading. I love to watch them do a science project and discover new things. Or when we read a novel and then sit down and discuss it TOGETHER!!! Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about it, I wake up excited each morning and feel so blessed that I am able to watch my children learn and grow and be by their side the whole time. When they ace a test, I can give them a big hug and they get an immediate response from their mother. When they are struggling, I am there to help guide them and show them different ways to solve the problem, with our families morals and beliefs.
I love how they are not influenced by peers or have to deal with peer pressure, be what it may. They are safe in the comforts of their home and they are better people because of it.

Thank you everyone for all the congrats and emails!! I am so excited and feel so blessed!!

Have a great Tuesday!!
God bless!!