Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Hump day!!!

It's just about the weekend!! whoohoo!!

Not much going on, still in the phase of packing and organizing...I hope I don't forget anything!! bill keeps teasing me that there is no way possible I could be forgetting anything!!LOL Personally I think I've done really well with the amount I've packed, given the amount of people I've had to pack for!!

The kids are sick, just a simple cold, but annoying none-the-less. The past few nights poor Mariah has woken up and not been able to fall back asleep, last night we had a pretty decent sized thunder storm roll through so that didn't help much at all, she wasn't scared or anything, more along the lines of fascinated!! I on the other hand, am totally exhausted!!!LOL

Oh, Oh!!! I got my last batch of maternity clothes the other day!!!! I think my maternity wardrobe is complete now. I may grab another pair of jeans later on, but for now, I'm set!!! It is soooooo nice to be wearing clothes that fit and don't look like they belong on a circus clown!!LOL I got 5 prs of capris, 3 skirts, 8 shirts/tank top, 1 baby 'n' me nursing PJ set...which is sooo adorable because it came with a matching nightshirt/hat combo for baby, so he and I will be color co-ordinated in the hospital, a stretchy dress, and lastly I got a nice comfy cotton zip up cardigan!! Retail Value would well over $900 being that Thyme prices are ridiculous and Old Navy is so-so, but of course I didn't pay any where near that!!LOL Barely a fraction was my price, thanks to EBAY!!!!! The nice bonus is that they were all brand new, with tags a attached!!

Oh, also, I have received emails in the past and now the post in my comments section sparked my memory to let you all know that, YES, I am working on new recipes to post in my food blog, I will hopefully get them posted soon and maybe in the near future another edition of, OAMC!!! I am so happy that you all like my recipes and ideas, I LOVE to share them as cooking is one of my favorite past-times, especially coming up with new ideas!!

Last, but not least, we had a visit from the homeschool instructor yesterday, the kids have all been advance into the next grade and we will start Robbie with the grade one curriculum and see how that goes, if it's too easy, then we'll bump it up to grade two stuff, OR let hime zip through the gr.1 stuff and start gr.2 after Christmas, we'll see how it goes!!
Final Marks for everyone:
science/social/language/health(this is a combined curriculum):A
math:A+ (her final percentage was 98%!!!)

language arts:B+

Way to go guys!!!!
Next year we'll have:2 in pre-school,1 in gr.1,1 in gr.3, and 1 in gr.5
I've also been given the okay to start our Christmas holidays after baby is born, if I choose, so that is really good to know!!!

Have a blessed Wednesday my friends!!!


Misty said...

Have fun on your vacation! How fun!

S'te said...

Have fun on your vacation!