Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's the weekend!!!

Although for the kids, everyday is now 'the weekend'!!LOL We are all done our school year and I am finally all done packing up all the sheets of paper and text books and log sheets to hand in to our homeschool supervisor on Tuesday!!!

Also, we are for the first time ever, going on holidays!!!! We are going to visit Bill's parents and stay at their timeshare condo on a resort!! Whoohoo, I feel so glamorous saying that!!*giggle* The kids are very excited as am I and Bill. We will be staying there for a whole week...ahhhhhhhhhhh!! I've been in a flurry trying to get things organized and write my lists of what to pack and who needs what. Believe it or not, I will have ALL of our stuff (clothing) packed into ONE suitcase, yup a weeks worth of clothing for all seven of us!! How? Well I managed to get my hands on those nifty storage bags that you use a vacuum to suck all the air out of and there by reduce the size dramatically!! This is necessary because are van's cargo space is nil and having to somehow pack everything else that we'll need in there along with the just wasn't going to happen!!LOL

I won't say when we are going, I certainly wouldn't want to tip off any would-be thieves, you know our fabulous ripped up and stained couch could be worth a pretty penny!!!!LOL And just incase it might be to someone, my sister is house sitting for us WITH her rotweiler!!!

My little belly bean is getting bigger, I'm starting to feel his kicks and flips more frequently now...oh how I love it!! I absolutely LOVE being pregnant, I love to just sit and enjoy my belly and the little person in there. He really LOVES doing flips and manages to get all over the place in there!! I had my appt with my new doctor earlier this week and she is wonderful, she has no issues with doing an induction when the time comes and has no problems letting me go home early!! I go for another ultrasound on the 30th, so I will post his pics after that.

Well, I'm off to add some more goodies on here and then I think I 'need' a big bowl of vanilla ice cream...or maybe a milkshake...YUM!!!
Have a blessed weekend!!!


Audrey said...

Thanks Penny, we are very excited!! Have a great vacation!!


Anonymous said...

Noticed you haven't updated your kitchen section. Are you still doing that? I've tried many of your OAMC recipes and they were very good just wondering if you have anymore.