Friday, June 2, 2006

The newest blessing!!!

Baby number six!! 12wk5d ultrasound

I'm sorry it's small and blurry, I could not for the life of me scan it clearly!!LOL
The ultrasound went really well, and although according to my dates 'he' should be at 15weeks, 'he' is measuring a week ahead so my doc changed my due date to November 14th, oh well, I won't kick up a stink about a week difference!!LOL
I go and see my NEW doctor on the 6th, as MY dr doesn't do deliveries and the drs I saw with mariah aren't taking any Nov due dates!

Everything is going pretty well with us, finally got some $$$!! So now the bills are all caught up and the fridge is full!! praise the Lord!!

Oh yeah and we also had mariah's 2nd birthday a couple of weeks ago, there are pics in my FlickR.

And finally here is a 16wk belly pic for ya'll!!!
16wks 003

Grow belly, grow!!!
I can feel a bit more movement now, but only me, can't feel them on the outside yet, but I'm sure that will come in the next couple of weeks!!

Sorry for the brief and basically non-exsistant computer time has been dramatically cut with Bill being home....he's a computer hog!!!!!!!ROFL!!!
Have a great weekend and God bless!!!!


chel said...

You look great! Cute little belly and everything. On the other hand when I'm pregnant, at about 16 weeks people aren't sure "what" to say to me. Not sure if I'm pregnant or just fat,lol.
It looks like everyone was having fun at the birthday party. Isn't it a bit of a heartbreaker when the little one reaches 2? My #5 just turned two a couple of months ago. They are just turning into big kids but are still the snuggly baby to:-)

Sarah said...

Hi Penny! I'm so glad everything came together for you guys $wise and loved looking at the pictures! Have a great week :)