Friday, June 30, 2006

Just for laffs!!!

Here's some pics I scanned, I plan on scanning more as time allows!! I have SOOOO many that I had taken before we had a digital camera and I really want to get them into the computer and saved before something happens to them!!!LOL

Okay, here's me in grade nine!! It was the early nineties, alright!!!ROFL!! Bill says I haven't changed much, *I* on the other hand think I have!!LOL


Here I am at 38weeks with Kayla:


And here I am with Mariah just after they broke my water, I was a little over 39wks:

Hehehehe!!! I'll try to post some more soon!!! I really wish I had some of when I was little......maybe somewhere!!!LOL NOW, THOSE are a hoot!! Total 70's kid there!!LOL


noelle said...

Love the HAT!!! :^O