Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm here!!

Whew, just been busy as usual!!LOL

We got Kayla and Alyssa bunkbeds, so we have officially moved Kayla downstairs into Alyssa's room. I decorated each of their 'sections' with the stickups and border they chose. Alyssa went with Disney Princess and Kayla went with Dora! Maybe I'll post some pics later!

I also got some Winnie the Pooh Border and stickups for baby's room, and got those all up as well. We did Dora stickups in Mariah's room as well.
Robbie has Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman, so hopefully he can find the Spiderman border he had so I can put that up!! Alex is all about science and space in his room. Although for some reason the border won't stay up on his wall, so I think I need to get some actual wallpaper type border for his wall.

So, now I just need to find a couple of 6 drawer dressers and then I'm set!!

So, we have a definate name picked out and between my kids and I, I don't think I'm going to succeed at keeping it a secret like I had planned!!LOL
Oh well, well see!!

Some of the kids are sick, Alex has a cough and stuffy nose, Kayla the same, Alyssa is getting over it, Robbie has the full run of it, Mariah just started sneezing and my nose just feels 'tickly'.

Well, much more to write about, but not enough time!!!LOL
Bill is still off work, not sure what is happening with that...AGAIN!
My mom showed up out of the blue on Thursday night, after my not talking to her since she went on a binge after Hunter passed away. that was interesting, but not too bad. Of course she has promised she has healed and is getting help, so we shall see, only time will tell!!

Oh yeah, I got the results of my ultrasound back, my doc called a few nights ago. Apprently the placenta is anterior (on the front of the uterus) and is low lying, now this usually corrects itself as the uterus grows and stretches, it pulls it upwards (the placenta itself doesn't move!!LOl) so I will have to have an ultrasound when I am about 30wks along to see if it has moved away form the cervical opening...if not...then I will be having a scheduled c-section. Other than that, baby is doing fabulous and is perfect!! Almost time for another belly pic!! I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow and then I'll take a belly pic the following Monday, when I'm at 24wks.

Well, I would like to add a few more things around here, so I'm off!! have a blessed Lord's Day!!


Sarah said...

Oh, I just noticed baby's name on your countdown and love it! Hope your kids are feeling better, their rooms sound terrific.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the bedroom pictures. I am always looking for new ideas for my kids rooms.