Sunday, August 20, 2006

Question and Answer

I typically get emailed questions pretty frequently in which case, I try to email back ASAP an answer (if you're currently awaiting an email from me, I will!!! I promise!!!)honestly I LOVE answering questions....mostly because I am just as fascinated with large families as you are!!!LOL I read and ask questions about families that have 7, 8, 9, or even more kids!!! I LOVE IT!!!
So, having said that, here is a post from my comments section!!
I only have two children but I have always been curious as to how much you cook for 5 children. How many of boxes of KD do you use or how many can's of soup? How long does a loaf of bread last? I admire you for taking such good care of your children and am in awe of how you do it. I have two and somedays I don't know where to turn for a break. Would love some of your tips or experiences to help me out.
My kids are BIG eaters, as I am sure Kerri can attest to!!LOL The boys eat just as much and sometimes more as my husband and the girls aren't far behind!!LOL A simple breakfast of french toast/bacon/scrambled eggs/orange juice would be: 2 dozen eggs, 2 packages of bacon, 2 loaves of bread (thick Italian style bread) and 2 1.89L of Tropicana!!!

As for KD, it depends on what I am making. If I am making my Mac 'n' Cheeseburger dinner (KD mixed with cooked ground beef and peas) then I would use 2 boxes, sometimes 3 and there are no leftovers. (Actually, leftovers are a thing of the past around here!!!LOL)If we were just going to have KD for lunch, it would have to be AT LEAST 4 boxes, but most likely 5 boxes. Hence, the reason I don't usually make just KD!!!ROFL!!!

Cans of soup, usually four to five and then a loaf of bread to go with it (we'll either have just bread and butter or make sandwiches)I try to make most of my soup from scratch, it really saves $$$$ for us. As for bread, we go through a loaf a day, sometimes 2, depending on what meals are being served!! Milk, (it wasn't asked, but one of my curiosities!!LOL)we go through 8 litres every two days, so Bill stops to grab some every second day!!

Hmmmm, as for breaks, I dunno!!! I'm still learning!!! Basically, I believe it's all in your frame of mind (now trust me when I say, I DO NOT always follow this!!! I have meltdowns and lock myself in the bathroom once in awhile too!!!)I TRY to keep a clear mind and stay focused in telling myself that this is a season of life and it will pass...they DO grow up!!! I don't take a break that often, my most frequent one is grocery shopping and that's about it. Once in awhile I can sneak out with my dear friend for some girl time, which I thoroughly enjoy!!

For the most part, I try to keep my body healthy with lot's of water and my vitamins and I pray a lot. (dear Lord, please give me Strength to make it through the day!!!)When I'm not pregnant, my most favorite escape is the bathtub, some nice bubble bath and a good book and a mug/glass of my favorite drink (french vanilla coffee in the winter and Pepsi in the summer!!) When I am pregnant, I can't do the bath (I'm only 5 feet tall and soaking in there is not other words...I get stuck!!!ROFLMBO!!!!Picture a turtle on it's back...)The neatest thing I have learned to do is to TUNE IT OUT!! This is an acquired skill and when I was the perfect mama with one child (HA!!!)I thought it was cruel....HOWEVER!!!

You have to train your mind to mentally block out the chaos, find your happy place and go there, you don't necessarily have to close your eyes, but shut out the noise. I can successfully do this for about 5min now and it helps. I don't personally recommend it to be done to frequently otherwise you run the risk of your kids standing in front of you going "MOMMY!!" a billion times!!!LOL We also take group time outs on particularly stressful days, everyone goes to their rooms and sits on their beds for 1/2 an hour. I'm not afraid to admit to the kids anymore that I HAVE HAD ENOUGH, they usually know that they need to simmer down (although my oldest sometimes takes this opportunity to make SURE he drives me over the edge!!!LOL)

Other than that, patience I guess, time will go by and there is always tomorrow to finish things up!!!

Don't be hard on yourself, being a Mama is the biggest, most important job you'll ever have. Sometimes when things are going so difficult, it's a time to sit down and take a breather and get back to enjoying being a Mama. Believe, I know it's easier said than done, but it's true!!!!

Have a blessed Sunday and thankyou for comments and emails!!!


mamatrav said...

Wow Penny now I understand why your grocery bills are the way they are. Just started my own blog and look forward to starting this new journey.