Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!

Why am I so excited??? well, I'll tell you!! I just found out that I am having a baby shower!!!!!WHOOHOO!!! I am so very excited!!! As it turned out my sister and my mom were planning on throwing me one as a surprise, but because the little girl I look after Mom is preggers too and she is planning a baby shower(the daughter and grandma) as well, Alyssa thought it would be a fun thing to to do!! So, I told Alyssa that she would need some adult help (the sweetie was going to do it on her own!!LOL) and she could call auntie and thus we found out that there was one in the works!!LOL I don't know when it is to keep with the surprise, BUT I really, really hope that everyone can make it. I don't get a chance to socialize that often and the thought of a ROOM FULL of friends and family is sooooooo exciting!!!!

I'm also in a happy mood because my most favorite months are coming up, I LOVE fall and winter!!! It is going to be busy, busy, but a lot of fun!!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!!


Cherie Christie said...

Hey Penny, I would really love to be able to come to that baby shower, please have someone let me know when it is. I will email you my phone number and stuff or they can email me!!!
Hugs and kisses to everyone
Love Cherie

Christine said...

Hooray for you! You so deserve it!

S'te said...

Baby showers are always so much fun!! Suprises are fun too!!!

Hope lots of people show up.