Sunday, August 27, 2006


Had a very busy weekend, more so than usual!!LOL
Went to my drs appt and everything is good!! Although for some reason my duedate was marked down as Nov.11th, LOL!!!But anyways it looks like a possible induction somewhere near Nov.8th-10th so it doesn't really matter!! I was surprised at my weight, I thought for sure I had gained more, but I didn't, I weighed in at 126lbs (total gain so far of 26lbs) my BP was 100/70, measured at 29cm and urine was great!!
Baby Matthew was lying with his back to MY left and his head down, but not settled in the pelvis, which I know for a fact since he can still maneuver himself and lodge his head under my ribs!!!LOL His heartrate was 140...all is good!!

I then went for my gestational diabetes test that afternoon...BLECH!!! But, I survived and scored an hour and a bit all to myself!!HA!!

SATURDAY:we were supposed to go to a baby shower of the mom of the little girls I look after, however Kayla was still complaining of a sore right hip, so much so she would cry off and on in pain. I figured we should really get it checked out since it had been causing her discomfort since Friday. The weird thing was is that I knew she hadn't done anything so it had me baffled. The dr decides we had better do an xray since it caused her a great deal of pain when he moved her leg around and he was concerned about a possible dislocation (kind of what happens to newborn baby's) so I had to dig deep into my Mama gut (I really hate the kids to have pelvic/abdominal xrays) and decide if I felt this was serious enough to warrant an xray, my gut said yes.
Thank the Lord I listened because the xray revealed a perfect normal pelvic hip area, HOWEVER, it also revealed that my baby girls colon was nearly 10 times it's normal size due to a large accumulation of POOP!! It was so bad that it was putting pressure on her right hip!!! Oh my goodness, I felt terrible!!!! But I guess what was happening is that small amounts of POOP were bypassing the large CLOG and this is why I never thought anything (she was still 'going' everyday, which is why I never thought anything of it)So he prescribed a low dose stool softener and a high fiber diet for the next few days and praise the Lord it is working!!! She spent 1/2 an hour in the bathroom last night!!!LOL

Today, not much going on, just kicking back and relaxing. Got to pick up a huge box of cloth diapers I 'won' on Freecycle I needed to re-stock my collection, some I have been using since Alex!!!LOL

It's almost September!!!WHOOHOO!!! Here's some 'highlights' of the coming month:
1st: Ultrasound (let's see if the placenta has moved!!!, keep praying it has!!!)

9th:Used Toy and Clothing Sale (hoping and praying for lot's of good deals, Alyssa and Robbie need clothes as does Alex)

11th: a day of remembrance and our first official day of homeschool

12th: My birthday!!!the big 28!!!!(ROFL!!)

14th: My grandma's b-day!!! 85!!!

15th: Kayla's b-day, I honestly cannot believe she is going to be four!!and another drs appt.

19th: Auntie Cherie's b-day

28th: Nana's b-day

29th: another drs appt

WHEW!! and those are just the things I know of!!LOL Who knows what other things will pop up, I still have to fit groceries in there and setting up our curriculum and scheduling a meeting to go over the curriculum.....okay I need a nap just thinking of all this!!

Well, have a blessed Lord's day!!!