Saturday, September 16, 2006

Soooo busy!!!

What a tremendously busy last couple of days!!
Anyways, I had my 31wk appt on Friday, everything is great and Matthew is perfectly healthy, he scored 8/8 on his Biophysical Profile!!
I did however learn that I'm once again Anemic...*sigh* Blech, I hate those darn iron supplements!! Other stats:
weight: 127lbs (I honestly think their scale is way off, I have never weighed that low at this stage in the game, typically I'm between 131-135, I think it's because they use a regular bathroom scale there)
BP: 98/65
Baby's heartbeat:145
Measuring at: 32wks

Matthew seems to have settled a bit lower in my pelvis, but it's still early enough for him to get in a few more flips, he seems to really have favoured facing outwards these past few days, so we have had a really cool 'show'!!! Usually my babies face sideways, so this is really cool!! We have been able to see a distinct foot and a knee!!! It's been a nice relief on my ribs...that's for sure!!!

The kids are enjoying school, we just completed our first week, last week. They seem to be a little more adjusted than I thought they would be, so that is a really good thing. Everyday we were all done by lunchtime and on Thursday, Alex started REALLY early and was done everything by 9am!!! I love this curriculum because he can do that. It is so well put out for him and so self explanatory.

Can I ask you all for a prayer? One for my sister and her fiance, I won't say anything because of privacy, but the Lord will know. Also one for us, Bill is having such an ordeal with his employer and still has not been back to work. He is more than able to DO work, just not his original position. He is on long term disability but when we signed up for that (back when he was hired) we never thought to put his LTD up to at least 50% so we went with the 30%. Now, it has come back to bite us in the rear. He gets ONE monthly payment, and that payment is actually less than what he used to receive on ONE doesn't even cover the rent. This has been such a tremendous stress on us, especially since the little girls I look after leave on the 13th of October and then our precious bundle is born and then comes Christmas. If things stay the way they are, I'm really terrified there won't be much of a Christmas, so I come to my internet friends for a prayer. That a resolution will come and the Lord's plan will be revealed. I try VERY hard to be patient and trust my heavenly Father, but somedays it get's the better of me.

The Used Toy and Clothing sale was a huge letdown this year. Apparently, they didn't have enough time to get any proper advertising in all the surrounding communities this time, and boy did it show. I have never seen one this bad in all the 10years I have been going, it was terrible. So, as you can imagine, I didn't sell much, which in turn means I didn't get to buy much. PHOOEY!!! Praise the Lord I was able to get Alex a couple things and my sister got Alyssa a couple of things. I was also blessed by a wonderful lady who was across they way from me selling her baby boy's clothing, she let me buy a large assortment of clothing for next to nothing. I was also blessed to find a pair of runners for both Kayla and Mariah (DORA!!!) for cheap!!
My sister also bought the kids a few little treasures, which they were very excited and pleased with. I wish I would have been able to get a few more pants for Alyssa and Robbie and Alex. I was looking for jammies, but there was none to be found. Oh well, maybe the Spring sale will fare better!!

Thankfully, I was blessed with some $$$ to be able to purchase the kids their school supplies as well as some other school stuff. I'm planning on hitting the teacher store on Oct.1st, why the 1st?? Well, the school we're with allows $250.00/child per year for school supplies that they will refund after I produce receipts, the catch is, that it's only effective after Oct.1st!!!

hmmmm, what else is new??? I turned the big 28!!!! Whoohoo!!LOL!! We also celebrated Kayla's 4th birthday on Friday. I cannot believe she is FOUR!!!! It feels like just yesterday I gave birth to her!!! She was my only natural birth and was the fastest. We arrived at the hospital at 8:40am and she made her grand entrance at 8:46am!!!LOL(hence the reason we now induce my labours!!!LOL)

Well, hopefully your eyeballs are still intact after all that!!! Hopefully it wasn't too much of a downer post!! Much love and blessings to you all!!!
Have a blessed rest of your weekend and blessed Lord's day tomorrow!!!