Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Tribute

I wanted to dedicate a post to a victim of the 9/11 tragedy. I signed up awhile ago to take part in this, as you may have seen on my other blog.

I was given Jacqueline J. Norton. Both her and her husband (Robert Norton) were aboard flight 11 on their way to their son's(Jason Seymour) wedding in Santa Barbara, California. Jacqueline was from Lubec, Maine and was 61 years of age.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find much else out about Jackie, which is a shame because she looks like such a wonderful lady. I did however, discover that although they were retired, she worked as a secretary in the church( Lubec Congregational Christian Church)where her husband was a deacon. She loved to garden and it was said that before they left, she brought a bouquet of sweetpeas from her garden to the church and told them to help themselves to more while they were away.

As the 11th nears, my heart and mind are saddened by this tragedy. So many families and friends and children affected forever. That day etched in each of our minds, forever. I do hope that we can, eventually, rid this world of all hate crimes and terrorism. My thoughts and prayers are with Jackie's family on this day, as well as each and every family who must go on with their lives with loved ones taken so tragically away from them. May all who were taken to be with the Lord, rest and sleep in peace. May all the men and women who are fighting to stop terrorism keep safe.

God bless.


Shekky said...

Thank you for sharing Jacqueline's life with us, those who may not have had the pleasure of knowing her otherwise.