Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Blessed Weekend!!

This weekend was such a blessing and I am feeling all warm and fuzzy!!LOL
I just have to say that I am so blessed to have the friends and family that I do!!

On Friday, Auntie Shellie dropped by with a huge blessing for us and I am so very grateful for her thoughtfulness. It still makes me teary thinking about it!!! There just really aren't words sometimes to express the depth of gratitude you feel towards someone, and this is definitely one of those times!!

Then, on Saturday, it was............

The balloons

Baby Shower Day!!!!
It was a little chaotic, due to the fact that I was just over an hour late...for my OWN baby shower!!! I was supposed to go with my mom to pick up my Grandmother at the nursing home, however, my mom and sister were a little late arriving and thus we we're late leaving. Then of course traffic would be an absolute nightmare, and then to top it all off, after spending over 45min fighting traffic, we arrive at my Grandmother's only to have her say that she wasn't feeling well and wasn't coming!!!ARGHHHH!!! I mean I can totally understand her not feeling well, but she could've called!!!!!LOL Ah well, getting home was a bit quicker, just that I was late. I felt so terrible and I hope everyone was OK with having to have waited for me for so long!!

But, it was a great time, and we managed to play all the games and do gift opening and have a quick visit all in about an hour!! I really feel sad that I missed the first hour, I was really looking forward to visiting with everyone!! Baby Matthew and I were blessed with wonderful gifts and I am so excited to put them all to use!!!
Once again, I get teary thinking about the whole thing, because I am just so blessed to have these people in my lives!!!

I posted pics in the Flickr and I added notes to the main pics, my sister managed to get every quirky expression I made on film, but that's OKay, it's who I am!!!

We didn't get any pics of the games we played, but we played three. One was were there was two teams and they had to design a diaper for me to wear out of toilet paper and duct tape (or masking tape) I got to choose which diaper I thought was the best, I had to be biased and go with Alyssa's team. Alyssa designed the whole thing and I think they did a fabulous job!! We also played Baby Bingo, which had Auntie Shellie winning first, Jana and Connery taking second and Alyssa scooping up third!! Good job!!! The other game we played was the Guess Mama's Circumference!!LOL That was hilarious. Everyone got the roll of string and had to guess how much would fit around my belly, some of the measurements were just too funny!!!(like my Mom's!!!LOL), Alyssa won that one as well!!! She was the closest without going over!! Way to go Alyssa!!!

It was a really nice time and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did!!!

The boys had a great time too!! They went for a boys day out with Daddy and Uncle Brad and fed their testosterone at Future Shop and stores of the like!!!LOL Ya know, boring BOY stuff!!!LOL!!

And for today, I am just relaxing and washing all my new baby stuff!!! I cannot believe Matthew will be here in about 2 weeks!!! YIKES!!!!

I will share my guesstimate here, although it's different from the one at So here it is, my final guess!!LOL
DAY: Sunday Nov, 5th
TIME: early am, before 8am
WEIGHT: 7lbs 9ozs (this was what he weighed in a dream I had awhile back and it has stuck in my mind!! This would make him my biggest 2ozs!!LOL)
LENGTH:20 1/2 inches (this is the typical length of my babies!!LOL)

This is kind of my hope as well!!! In my 'fantasy', I will go in late Saturday night(for the induction) and he will be born early Sunday morning. That way I can come home by early/late for me!!!LOL I cannot wait to see him and see what his personality is like!! I often wonder if he'll be a thumbsucker outside of the womb (he has been sucking his thumb since he was 16wks old!!!) or if he'll sleep between the hours of 2-5am, like he does in utereo. Soon enough!!!

Well, I guess I should get motivated, although the couch is calling my name!!LOL I can't complain about this pregnancy at all (other than the few instances of spotting/bleeding earlier on) I feel REALLY good right now, my back is holding out and my ribs are doing well. Every once in awhile he wedges his head on my tailbone and that DOES hurt, but that's about it for aches 'n' pains. I have noticed that my contractions are trying to get into a rhythm, they will pick up and go for every 6min for about an hour and then peter out, so at my appointment tomorrow, I have a feeling I'll be either at 3cm or very close...we'll see!!! I'll post my appointment results when I'm back, I'm not missing this one, I figured I should go, since I'll be 37wks and haven't had the GBS test done yet. I've never tested positive before, but I've just recently learned that you can test negative and then all of sudden test positive and vice versa!! Sometimes in the same pregnancy!!! Weird huh?!?! Sixth time around and I'm still learning nw things!!!LOL

Okay, I'm really going now!!LOL
Have a wonderfully blessed Lord's Day!!